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  1. =D> Great guide, I've done over 20 trips today, minimum kill per trip is 1 maximum is 3. Sometimes get really bad runs and get owned by either the mage or range (getting hit 30+ damage) but overall I find this method very good. So far I've got shard 1 and shard 2. Basically to sum it up AWESOME GUIDE!
  2. imran


    What is the best method of killing Goraks? I'm speaking in term of armour, attack methods, food/no food, pray/no pray, familiar/no familiar, etc....
  3. Using Cwars Balloon technique or abyss? Or if anybody has any better suggestions... please, do tell.
  4. I got the stuff that I need and that is all. What do u expect? Partyhat set, all 3rd age armours, dfs, all gs? :lol:
  5. http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=560977 that link may be really useful :D
  6. hi.. these drops are pretty good to me. I been down to dk many many times, killed over 300 rex's and still have never got a single drop. THATS RIGHT. no rings, no axes, best thing i got from rex is a rockshell plate so dont go around saying that they arent special, they certainly are special to me. And congratz on that axe u got there :D
  7. tried getting your butler to grab the porcelain cups? i think thats the only way to get a gold trimmed one.
  8. imran


    thank you for the in depth responses.. i will take ur advice into consideration and make my own alterations to suit myself. thx guys
  9. imran


    thx for the quick reply. but i'm looking for more detailed help. eg. which armours to wear (specific gods?) and also which type of combat while doing the slayer task (depends if they are rangers or mages?). just need an experienced slayer to give me a hand here.. u can make adjustments according to my stats if u wish. ty in advance
  10. imran


    recently came back to members. just a short and quick question: How would my armour set up look like if I were to go to GWD for a slayer task? eg. Spiritual rangers or mages... etc
  11. If he doesn't know summations, I doubt he knows what e is. Besides, summation is simple gr 12 math and 'floor' is like a blip in a first year university book :wink: I guess u are right.. just thought that making the equation look simpler may help him out. I take your point that if u dont know summations u probably wouldnt know about exponentials either haha. :D
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