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  1. I still don't see any of these damn troll's you people keep talking about.
  2. Laik kay.. see alls deez peeps.. dey r just liek wtf m8? :shock: ? or laik you know and leik nobodies.. like 4 reals.. gits it that this typing isnt for reals u no. they always like Blah blah i speak like a hieffer from 4th grade and i like grits in my eggs. i like 99 range though. its ver nice.
  3. Haha, he says "you poor nao" with 200+M in inv. 10/10 though gf sc.
  4. Why waste time bringing food here? In inv I have, Tab Runes, spear, axes, 7 brew, 12 restores and 3 antis. In turtle, there are 2 turtle pouches and 2 bunyip pouches, 3 antis, 7 restore, 4 brew. I can get 100 + kills with this setup using Claws.
  5. Thanks, I had been wondering where his guide was, never could find it.
  6. Okay so I finally got Void Mace.. I have 68 summoning, Guthan, enough money for supplies, okay. I bough 2k claws of guthix spels, and plenty of pots. My problem is the inventory for me/familiar. With slayer dart I could usually do 1.5k slayer darts or 5-6 antis. Stats are 71 prayer 68 summoning 88 defence 88 magic 93 hitpoints Any help at all would be great, thanks!
  7. Yeah, any trip you have more drops than ranarrs, its a good trip. :thumbsup:
  8. 7/10 , but why didnt you just get 3 more levels?
  9. Was this is PvP trick kill? Dont see supers or anything..
  10. Nope never did pc. I did mage quite a bit however never liked to alch or anything. But I've had other people tell me the same thing.
  11. Those are Zamorak Spirit warriors. I just bring zammy god cape, and note however that was one of my first trips before i found a good inventory. Now I can manage over 1k kills and the last trip i had 1.3M in drops plus a clue. Could have stayed for more kills buy my torag legs had degraded almost completely. And thank you for the rates :
  12. So I just got back into playing and instead of blowing all of my money on useless junk like usual i "tried" to keep enough to slay. I still stayed with what I love doing (however not so good) pvp pking. I got around 5 kills and died twice and lost maybe 400k. Anyways, off of that onto the skills. First 92 Strength and 120 Combat: Then a few hours later: Heres a little training place I like to go to, this is one of my not so good trips however: A small milestone I suppose: Not really an achievement but I think it is the highest I have gotten: Rate out of 10. If you could see the stats then I guess rate those too. 53 con, 75 hunter, 68 summoning.
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