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  1. 5 spins got me nothing =/
  2. There once was a great Obt who was very good at drinking coffee. Just recently news came that Obt would have another storytime written by his loyal fans. One day Obt woke up and cheated on kelsi with a sparrow that looked like the harpy Mr Greens... Obt was so aghast at this mistake he went on a Dungeoneering rampage, unbinding all his arrows and throwing them into the home ggs portal. They hit Grimy Bunyip, causing him to stop drop and roll off the edge of Shadow-Forger's room into a bathtub, turning him into a much less efficient, albeit clean Bunyip. Obt then slayed the Shadow-Forger, causing him to fall down into the DGS clan citadel and die of boredom, because he was trapped and had no agil effigies to open. Fortunately for Obt, he was a mighty Sith Lord. He used the Force to powercook pancakes for all the Harpies in the yard, who then called over Kal'ger the Warmongererer to see if he could really eat twenty heimcrabcakes at once. Kal'ger could only eat three before Obt became impatient and shoved them all down Kal'gers throat at once causing him to fall head-head first into the DGS clan citadel. Kal'ger fought down the urge to challenge dgs to a yugioh battle because DGS had harpies. The Harpies, however, didn't have a blue eyes white harpy that could transform into Nex if you superheated it. Kal'ger knew this and summoned his zombie army. Then the harpies made sweet cakes and ate them. This made the harpies super powerful and Kal'ger was a dinosaur with asthma so when he tried to eat a Harpy-cake and went into a cake-induced coma. Obt then continued on his quest through F61, his trusty Primal Scimitard gripped tightly in his hands, when all of a sudden he was ambushed by Provite warrior (level-7). Obt was lucky to escape with his life, although the warrior murdered his Cub World-bearer gruesomely by using a Hexhunter Bow as a garrotte... Obt was astonished by the bloodshed and the hatred of this Provite Warrior, and vowed to kill it once and for all. However, a F1 Large+4 was called by Obt's nemesis Kayla, who had just joined Fungeonsweepers. Obt decided to join to sabotage Kayla's floor by planting a nyan cat in the construction spot, because Kayla couldn't gt tele. When she noticed, she demanded NC to open all of the doors. However, nyan cat just stole all the keys and hid them in its rainbow trail. Kayla was mad bro. She was no bro though, so Obt's manly powers of seduction were futile and useless, leaving him no choice but to ragequit the floor and leave Kayla and the Nyancat behind. He decided to join
  3. Not sure if the rules allow you posting this sort of stuff.
  4. The only reason to not use a CSB are 1) laziness, 2) trying to break speedfloor records. I doubt the latter applies to you, so go ahead and bind a CSB so you can be more helpful to your teams. Unless you do group GDs 24/7, in which case it matters a lot less.
  5. Travelling to the UK from where I live would be over 1000 euros, if I'm lucky. The argument goes both ways. I don't see how that gives more weight for one than the other. Oh so you go both ways? =D> I Live in the Netherlands, so yeah the UK is cheaper than the US. And these are just the plane tickets, no hotel included.
  6. Skills: +EXP +RANK Overall +775k, +5.9k Attack +164k, +81k Defence +2k, +60k Strength +33k, +104k Constitution +68k, +73k Ranged +9.1k, +217k Prayer +2.2k, +22k Magic +5.1k, +156k Cooking +0, +20k Woodcutting +930, +25k Fletching +17, +17k Fishing +294, +233k Firemaking +570, +5.5k Crafting +1.8k, +17k Smithing +102, +39k Mining +271, +176k Herblore +641, +18k Agility +8.3k, +26k Thieving +835, +27k Slayer +36k, +24k Farming +188, +25k Runecraft +146k, +27k Hunter +0, +81k Construction +343, +5.6k Summoning +710, +27k Dungeoneering +295k, -37
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