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  1. Ah okay, I had to wield to polypore staff to see that the bandos armour gave negative magic bonus. However, when I wielded ahrim's, it didn't give me extra accuracy - so armour may only be negative to other classes, but not boosts? So in theory, I can use no robe top and bottom and magic and get the same results?
  2. Also, to my understanding, armour (apart from rings and amulets) doesn't affect offensive attributes, so couldn't one just in theory use the polypore staff whilst using bandos armour?
  3. But do they have any offensive attributes? Do they make one hit harder than before? Still kind of confused about this EoC thing, logged in yesterday after considering starting again :-P
  4. Since the EoC, has steadfast boots lost their offensive advantages? Should I sell them?
  5. What about armour and equipment? My friend said that void was pretty much the best in terms of accuracy and damage. How is accuracy and damage determined, though? I heard that Nezzy is nerfed... so confused lol :-(
  6. Okay, thanks - I think I'm just going to have to experiment with the different abilities... it's jut a bit confusing at the moment. Another thing, what about dual-wielding? Can you dual wield anything? Is it always worth using it whenever you can? I just used two rune crossbows and it seems pretty effective, imo... but still, not used to the combat at all so far :-)
  7. Just tested about magic and ranged in TzHaar, and wow, it's actually really effective. It was about time Jagex balanced out the combat triangle... I do, however, find the different abilities extremely confusing, but I reckon you just have to get used to them.
  8. Is it actually worth using magic and ranged now?
  9. Do you guys think I should sell my valuables, such as bandos?
  10. Hi, everyone. I'm considering returning to RuneScape just for the sake of it. I've had loads of good memories with this game, but I quit playing because it just wasn't the it used to be. I can understand that it's probably further from the same nowadays - especially considering the new combat rework - but I want to try to see if it's something that'd interest me again. Now, I have no idea as to where I should start off, what I should do or what I should know. Could anyone give me a quick recap of some important stuff? I've been inactive for around 6-8 months. Should I sell all my valuable items? I'm guessing they're crashing, and I'd like to start over fresh. How do people make money nowadays? What's the general viewpoint on the new combat system? Thanks in advance... :-)
  11. How should I go about training my construction from 72 to 80? I haven't trained construction (let alone RuneScape) in ages and I'm wondering if there are any new training methods... Probably not, Jagex haven't updated construction in quite a while IIRC. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it :)
  12. So I should just buy maple pyre logs?
  13. Does the reward gained from burning vyre corpses depend on the type of pyre logs being used? If so, is it worth using magic pyre logs over maple in terms of gaining profit?
  14. I really want to get steadfast boots, but they've begun to rise in price and at 40.5m, they currently seem a bit too pricy. Should I wait till they drop to around 30-35m? Do you think this'll happen anytime soon?
  15. As I mentioned, I'm 99 firemaking. Sometimes, I instantly burn them which is extremely annoying.
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