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  1. if (isset($_POST['note'])) { $note = $_POST['note']; $author = $_POST['by']; $sql = "INSERT INTO notes SET note='$note', by='$author'"; if (@mysql_query($sql)) { echo 'News item has been added'; } else { echo 'Error adding the news item: ' . mysql_error() . ''; } } ?> You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'by='gjkgjfd'' at line 2 I really have no idea what the problem is. A form with a textarea and a text box submit to this page and it's the only code on the page, yet it's giving me this error. It's staring me right in the face but I just can't see it. Any help will be much appreciated.
  2. Thank you guys, much appreciated!
  3. Hey guys, I'm coming to the end of my Game Development course and for my Final Major Project (FMP) I have to create a small teaser trailer for a game. The entire game has to be my own ideas and everything has to be my own work. For my pre production phase of the project I am required to get several different types of research from different sources...and this is where I am hoping that you guys come in. I have created a few questions which I am hoping a few of you could answer to help me on my way. There isn't a million questions and you would be really helping me out. [hide=Questions]1) On average, how many hours do you spend playing games per week? [ ] - 0-5 hours [ ] - 6-10 hours [ ] - 11-15 hours [ ] - 16-20 hours [ ] - 21-25 hours [ ] - 26+ hours 2) At one time, how long would you continuously play a game that you are enjoying for? [ ] - Less than an hour [ ] - 1-3 hours [ ] - 4-6 hours [ ] - 7-9 hours [ ] - 10+ hours 3) Which genre of game(s) takes up a majority of your gaming time? [ ] - MMO [ ] - FPS [ ] - Strategy [ ] - Simulation [ ] - Action Adventure [ ] - Roleplaying 4) In your opinion, which of these is the most important in creating a great gaming experience? [ ] - Gripping, well told Story [ ] - New and inventive game play mechanics [ ] - Graphics [ ] - Soundtrack [ ] - Final reward (achievements, leaderboards etc..) [ ] - Social interaction (chat / play with friends etc..) 5) Which platform do you play most of your games on? [ ] - PC [ ] - Xbox 360 [ ] - PlayStation 3 [ ] - Nintendo Wii [ ] - Handhelds (PSP, DS, Gameboy) [ ] - Other (please specify) Please only answer the questions below if you feel comfortable in doing so. 6) Gender? [ ] - Male [ ] - Female 7) Age? [ ] - 10-15 [ ] - 16-20 [ ] - 21-25 [ ] - 26-30 [ ] - 30+[/hide] Thanks in advance guys, Earpy.
  4. You really should just do the highest you can do, Keep grinding away until you can do wildy. You'll fail some obstacles but the xp/ph will still be higher. The agility arena is xp isn't too bad, I mainly use it to just break the tediousness (real word?) of agility courses.
  5. Earpy


    I'd like a mixture. Updates, tutorials, hints & tips. Just so it's not the same over & over again.
  6. I really enjoyed doing quests, I have a quest cape sitting in my bank but Nomad is standing in my way. I have never really followed any of the story lines with any great depth but I just enjoy having having instructions in a game which in RuneScape is not easy to get. If your really not enjoying them, Tip it probably has the best guides around for every quest.
  7. I havne't got any messages in my in-game inbox or E-mail. I've been living at the fishing guild for a while and always see the bots about, there easily spotted but i've never botted. I'll send them a message. Thanks all.
  8. Oh wow, I didn't even notice that. This doesn't seem very fair as I haven't actually done anything wrong :/
  9. I have never botted and I don't plan to; is this what they do to botters? What happened to banning them?
  10. So I login and I plan to carry on from where I left off last time - getting 99 fishing. I'm not too far off, level 96. So I login, and whats that - Level 94?!?! Hmm, okay maybe i dreamt I got them levels; So i check the hiscore...Level 94. So then I check adventurers log...and look what I find. [hide][/hide] [hide][/hide] Anybody had anything similar to this happen to them? p.s; Sorry for the large images
  11. Booting up in safe mode still yields the same result. I've taken a photo of my screen to show you what it looks like. Warning, LARGE IMAGE!! Things i've tried; - A differnet monitor. - Taking the graphics card out, throughly cleaning the card & Port of dust - Booting in safe mode.
  12. Thanks for your reply. I'll be sure to try that but i'm not at home at the moment so I won't be able to try that just yet. I can see myself forking out for a new graphics card (it's been needing an upgrade for a while) so I guess this is fate telling me to get a move on. :)
  13. Okay, my computer was turned off as normal. When I booted it up, it shows the manufacturer screen at the beginning, the windows vista loading window, and then doesn't show anything else. The screen messes up and the picture looks like a magnet has been held next to the monitor (although this hasn't been done). I've tried another monitor and that doesn't work and the fact that it shows the manufactrer screen and loading windows makes me think it's something with the actual computer, possibly the graphics card. If I have to i'll buy a new graphics card, but is that the problem? Thanks in advance, Earpy.
  14. I prefer the more expensive rewards staying rarer. It gives people a reason to do them. If more people got things like third age, then clues would really become pointless.
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