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    I have 11.5k tokens from FOG which makes me fairly experienced. I win approx 95% of the games I play at level 80 ish combat. These are the reasons I win:- 1. My prayer level is 61. This means several things. 2. My range level is 81. 3. My mage level is 73. 4. My def level is 71. (Att 40 str 48 whoops). These are my strategies to allow me to use the above effectively:- As Hunted first - Its all about being underestimated a) Whilst in waiting room pay attention to the levels higher than yourself i.e see what they are wearing and how high they are. If they are very high then the likelihood is that you will be attacked with melee or range, low levels will attack with mage and if about the same as yourself they will probably melee or mage. The method they will attack will probably be indicated by what weapon they are wielding. As soon as you know you are the hunted put on your appropriate dress. If you do not recall seeing your opponent waiting then they are probably lower than you so no need to panic. B) Whilst waiting for the count down to finish right click above stone so you are going to pick it up immediately. c) Now, without forgetting to wield stone run towards centre but stop at first house. Remember to dress as you run and then click on prayer icon so you are ready to select correct prayer or prayers. (If I know I am facing a high level I will activate steel skin and both health restores immediately. This is because there is no point in having unused prayer when you die. d) If your hunter intercepts you before you get to the house then panic. This is an experienced player and whatever their level needs to be treated as if very high level. e)When you see the yellow arrow appear at the centre run straight to the fist. This should mean that your opponent will run straight past you. At this point you will see what they will attack you with but do not bother to assess their level. Just put on prayers if not already done. Once in middle and geared up locate your attacker and watch to see that they are not changing attack method at this point you can see what level they are and whether you can turn off some of the prayers you should already have activated. e) If they attack with mage steel skin will not help and only activate the health bars if you know you will have spare prayer before you die. f) If they change attack style then change prayer first before dress. Sometimes it is better that the highest levels use mage so I like to leave armour on for a bit just to encourage them to mage and since they like to train mage for free too this can work well. Hunter first - Its all about surprise a) Before you even enter the waiting area remember to put your most attack effective clothing for your attack type and do not forget to change the attack option to slash style, rapid for melee or range (If you used mage on the previous opponent you will attack with range on long range etc) B) Again pay attention to your possible opponents. Remember that the ones that come into the area with you are your most likely opponents c) As the countdown commences rotate your screen so that you are looking directly at the centreand are also facing your unseen opponent.. d) Break the orb and continue running striaght and away from fist. Pay attention to the centre spot as you run from it in case the little yellow arrow appears. e) You will in all probability catch your opponent still at his stone or he will have teleported to middle. Either way you have forced him to use his orb and also know exactly where he is. f) If you do not see any sign of the yellow arrow then the opponent has sped round the edge. However if you have run straight as is possible you should get an indication of the direction he has gone by looking at the direction the majority of other hunted are running. I then run round back to where I started and hope to catch him. This obviously is not an exact science but if it does fail then you should run to centre and recharge your run and then search the other half of the area. g) As soon as you see the yellow arrow you should turn on your boost prayer for whichever attack method you are using. If possible attack from the fist itself so your opponent may have difficulty seeing the method you are using. I tend not to change attack method mid game as you lose efficiency of prayer,armour and style. h) If at this point you realise your opponent is going to hammer you remember to smile and change to mage (its free and against an experienced level 126 you might as well gain more than one token). If I know my high level is going to win then I dont eat or prayer when hunted. Hunted Second - Luck is required a) How many charges did your opponent get. Loads (Over 1300 - I have never lost with this many against any opponent) Never worry about giving up. You already got your mage experience and so why not lose quickly? B) 700 - 1300. Now you are in with a chance) . So run round the edge (in the opposite way to the direction other players are going) until slightly less than halfway round and move towards centre about halfway to houses and wait until you have picked up 100 - 200 charges. Now run to centre and you should already know the prayers and armour you need from the first round.If against high level you can use the health prayers even before you see the arrow in fact turn them on as soon as you have lost any health. Hunter Second - Surprise and under estimation a) Melee is useless for this strategy. So you are going to attack with range or mage. B) Teleport to centre and then go straight into crowd in fist. c) If your opponent is higher than you it means that without surprise you cannot win so I hope they think that they are too good to lose and run straight to centre. As they approach activate your stat boost prayer and attack before they even get into middle . The chances are that they will not realise they are being attacked since they will be concentrating on getting right into centre. If they stop just outside the centre then you will not get in too many shots before they switch their own prayers on but remember they are probably not going to use health or sttel skin prayers initially because they cannot lose. d) Once again range or mage until you know you have lost (or won - as against similar levels if they use two or three bandages before putting prayer on then I switch to mage so I get experience and the win- just dont be too confident) You will notice that I never mentioned hiding in houses because that is plain silly. Do not hide at edge either as this gains nothing . I do hide but once found will always run to centre ( This is to counterract really high levels who just stay in middle and think that all opponents should run to them). There are some high level players who run round the houses very effectively. Fortunately they are few and far between because this is a really annoying but very clever strategy if done right. So in conclusion for these and all methods to work you need to have high prayer. Without good prayer you will lose the majority of games. You need at least one exceptional skill compared to your combat level in my case range. A very good def level also helps as so many players have high strength. You will find as you play more and develop your own ideas and strategies you will look forward to playing against the high levels as they are the ones that are the best to beat and best to refine those ideas against. I hope this helps in a small way . Thanks for listening
  2. i know of one f2per with nearly 90 phats, and another with 500 santas. Thanks for bursting my bubble. Ill go get my coat. Cab for upthebanner!!!
  3. Well it appears to be alot but prayer will cost me a few hundred mill so I could do with more!! Obviously I know how to make money through the GE (ALL HAIL THE GE). My main also has over 300 mill and i only play him to accumulate cash as I really want to see one bill which could be achieved. So who is richest pure f2p? I personally have never seen a pure f2p with as much as my main but then again most f2p who are clever enough to make that level of cash dont tend to brag about it. So please dont be shy let us know the heights we need to aspire to
  4. F2P IS GREEEEEAT. I notice though that the main problem appears to be with accumalating cash. I hate to be crass but what is a good amount of cash to have. To start ball rolling I am level 82 with best money making stat as 75 wc and i have nearly 200 mill. I wish i had 6 GE slots
  5. Hi all, I am free player only. I have a mining level of approx 64 and am increasingly frustrated by the number of players (one of whom was 105 combat level) who appear to be mining with macros. The mining guild appears to have a minimum of 50% bots . These players (I use that term rather liberally) as in the old days (pre GE) tend not to wield the pick and always go for the nearest ore available even if other players are already mining. This means that legitimate players are often mining for 50% of the time without any reward as they are always in competition with the bots. I notice also that the iron mines outside Varrock always contain several of these macro cheats. These players tend to be easily beaten to the ores and never complain if I take three out of the 4 ores available. They also walk slightly away from the mining area if no ores are available and show no sense of knowing where the next available ore is likely to appear. My question is how does one report these players? Obviously I know how to perform the reporting procedure but how do I provide evidence? It is obvious to me over a few minutes that these are bots but presumably since they are becoming more prevalent JaGex cannot ban based on the evidence presented by such reports. Most bots of yester year tended to cut yews in free worlds but I guess these mining bots make more gp per hour and are easier to get hold of. Why do they bother anyway since I was under the impression that money transferrence was now virtually impossible?
  6. Thanks for replies. Setting aside the arguments to and for running/hiding it appears that there have been two changes:- 1. The timer for entering houses has changed. This has stopped alot of the house huggers who are my personal nightmare 2. Your opponents name appears at the top of the list- I had noticed this because you no longer have games where if you go on the death dot your opponent , if lower, cannot see you for a long time. This is good for lower levels but would surely discourage tanking in centre. It also reminds me of the unfairness of higher levels than yourself being unable to be just clicked on and you actually have to right click and select attack. Are these really the only slight changes? Edit - By the way if an opponent is just splashing on you I will warn them that if they do not try to kill I will commit suicide in the houses. This works and allows me to collect the exact number of charges (1600 in my case) which is most efficient.
  7. Hi all, Ihave recently been playing alot of FOG in f2p (not a member) and have noticed that there are now very few runners and house huggers. Why is this? I assume that the time allowed before going back into houses has increased and that the minimap allows the player to see more but I do not know whether this is true or not. I am of course delighted and in about 50 games only had three runners (including a level 118 who after approx 7 mins only got 920 charges and then killed me in about 30 seconds - You know who you are just stop it!!!!). Any way can someone point me to a place I might find the up dates if they exist? Thanks in advance. Regards Tomb490
  8. FYI Tomb490 is Genworth5s noob investor. He uses him to test items to buy. He also dropped 50 mill when Gen maxed runecrafting but is now down to less than 20 mill.
  9. Well a great turn out for the Mauranius/Genworth5 maxing out party. Thanks to those that turned up. Tomb490 dropped 50 mill after as part of the celebrations. There were quite a few people that turned up for this too!! Starnge that.
  10. Yes indeed there will be another f2p to join Mauranius in maxing out. Can you please post the time in GMT as to when and where you will be maxing, Mauranius? It would be nice if someone with technical knowledge would also turn up and maybe do a small video for youtube?? A noob called tomb490 will also be having a drop party for 50 million gp as part of the celebrations. The world and time will be announced when the two players max. Now stop reading this Maur and bury those last 14k big bones.
  11. Just a small point. I would definitely have sold the sapps for a loss. Sometimes knowing when to take a hit is a better skill than knowing when to take a profit. In f2p you only have 2 slots. You used one slot for a couple of days with 4.5mill tied up. That same slot could make far more than that over the couple of days if you re invest the 4-5 mill less the loss made.
  12. Congratulations to Aise6!!!! Nice levelling Maur I still require some luck to beat you but Im starting to seriously stock up on sapphires!! Missoverflow is also steaming on up the inside too so watch out for her too!!!
  13. Search! I am aware that you cannot avoid exceeding HP 13 mill target. That was why I mentioned the fact that it is virtually the only skill Aise is not supremely efficient. Maur I think you will find big bones will now drop in price as holidays start to finish. I suugest you might like to start some serious burial cos I is acoming!! 600K SCORED ON PRAYER THIS WEEKEND.(Missus went to in laws so I had a free pass) I have enough money to craft sapphires(15k sapps in bank already) so that will only take one week. So be afraid, be very afraid!!!!
  14. Looking at Aise6 stats and am rather impressed by the efficiency. Only about 6 million wasted xp and that is nearly all on HP.
  15. Ive spent the day in GE burying bones and have picked up over 200 iron ores from floor. I guess that means people need to sell fast. I have also picked up tons of clay and steel bars are trickling down too. Im hoping that someone will merch rune plate cos id quite like to pick up a couple of hundred off floor when price crashes!!!
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