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  1. More directly, from the BTS: New Skills (all) Two brand new skills await you in 2013, with one new resource collection skill and a support skill which will be modelled on some of our oldest and dearest content. Designed to suit the old-school, yet complement the entire game.
  2. Instakill darts are going to be great for cheesing my way through the comp cape requirements. One on qbd, probably don't need to use one on har'aken which will leave 3 to use on nex.
  3. It's just impossible to read so many numbers without nice formatting. Why don't you just take a screenshot of the spreadsheet instead?
  4. could u add klonki and roger al and skiller 703? they all have a p good amount of slow xp so i wonder where they are Could you also add someone who is 13m every skill and 104m dg for comparison?
  5. How high would the runespan exp/hr need to be for it to be more efficient for suomi to use effigies on summoning?
  6. Just did a f58 solo since I wanted to test this and didn't have time for a large. 4 night spiders in just that floor. If this is average, it's a huge improvement. Then again, I've seen a 4 night spider denk within the last week before this update, so it could just be a lucky floor.
  7. The newspost should be fun to read once I wake up.
  8. With the price reduction, I went ahead and bought master tracker, the only aura that really makes sense for me. Now I'll have to decide if I want to do thieving or hunter on bxp.
  9. Looks like elvis just passed jdelacroix for rank 3
  10. How much would the effigy droprate have to have been nerfed before it becomes more efficient for suomi to use an attack familiar over a steel titan?
  11. Same, that part of the update bothered me.
  12. Have you considered killing bork? You can get 10 blues, 17 crimsons daily for only a few minutes. With the 1.1x bonus, it comes to 16.7k/day. I haven't done any time calculations, but it's a possibility to help you make up ~6m summoning exp.
  13. On the topic of auras, has it been confirmed that a 5% increase means a 5% absolute increase rather than a 5% increase over your natural chance to hit? For example on rocktail, say you have a 10% chance to catch one. Then would it be a 5% boost to your chance to catch (10.5%) or a 5% boost to the absolute chance to catch (15%)? I always imagined it would be the first. If it's the second, auras will be a much bigger deal than I imagined.
  14. Gemeos, for reference, can you include the time/cost for a character with 13m in all skills with 104m dg?
  15. Can you pm me the whole post robb? I'm curious what the mods felt was so objectionable that it had to be censored. Also, late gratz on 15 200m's suomi!
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