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  1. [hide=Stupid stuff about blazers + t-shirts] [/hide] Please, for the love of all that is fashionable, don't wear a blazer with a t-shirt. Never. Ever. And please, no "funny" shirts. Because guess what; they either aren't funny (this makes up about 80%) or the joke gets old after wearing the shirt once or twice. If you're looking for a cheap blazer, go to H&M with about $80. Mind you, this is a piece of [cabbage] blazer and will be extremely uncomfortable and cheaply made and will not impress any ladies, since that seems to be your goal. This man knows what is up.
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    Reg date is much more important. It shows that you've been around to know how this forum works, increasing your chances of making a good post.
  3. How is that even fair? The whole point of people advocating legalization is so that they can both live in the US and have legal weed. By moving to another country, (Holland in this case) it rather defeats the purpose of what they stand for.
  4. These are very cool and all, but please, do NOT wear something like this if you're new to fashion. Most people will look absolutely horrid in these patterns. Only once you begin to understand what looks good on you should you begin looking at gaudy stuff like this. Also, I really can't stress how much I think people shouldn't wear hats with a brim. Yes, there is a 1% chance that you are that guy who looks good in a Panama hat or a fedora, but most of the time you will look like that geek who is trying way too hard to stand out. If you want sun protection, get some sunglasses. Your head cold? Wear a beanie. Are there any other people from SuFu here, or am I some sort of an anomaly?
  5. I'm not sure which I'm repulsed by more; those of you who are against smoking for no real reason, or those of you who brag about smoking like it's some sort of feat (it's not -- anyone can do it). Anyways, happy 4/20 to all of you smokers. This bowl's for TIF.
  6. Erk02


    [hide=] Just look at how ignorant you are. heh? In case you're serious with that comment, I'll defend myself. [so much for not posting on this thread anymore...] Ecstacy is comprised of lord knows what, depending on your dealer. Common things are battery acid, draino, and ammonia. They solidify this bizzare concoction into a pill like substace, which you can then pop. Ecstacy has been shown to melt holes in your brain. Yes. Literal friggin holes in your god damn brain. This is a moderate to long term use effect, but it is infact permanent. Excstacy destroys the endorphin producing gland in your brain, because after taking it, the drug takes over that role, and your brain does away with the now redundant gland. Getting off exstacy is like getting off a morphine addicition. You feel EVERYTHING. You no longer have any tolerance to pain, and dopamine levels drop to near nothing. So, not only are you in mass amounts of pain, but you're depressed as hell. In the short term, after use, it can raise body temperatures to dangerous levels, which may lead to organ failure, especially in the kidneys [this is especially dangerous because when you're hot, you tend to drink more]. Yeah you'll trip balls, and get mad horny and whatever else may come off of ecstacy...but I'd like to keep my brain from becoming swiss cheese. I also enjoy being able to resist pain. If you've learned anything from this post, please atleast let it be that I have no idea how to properly spell the afformentioned drug. I'm assuming you got that from some government-run anti-drug website or something like that, so of course they use the same tired excuses over and over again. Please show me some sources proving that ecstasy "melts holes in your brain". The whole battery acid spiel is completely ridiculous; it's the same argument people use with weed saying it can be laced with glass PCP and other crap. it really just doesn't happen. http://www.wired.com...s/2002/09/55427 Anything else with that sauce? [/hide]Read your post. Look at the image. Do you realize the magnitude of your fallacy? Perhaps you cannot read?. Do you not understand what that image represents? Those areas of the brain are not currently being stimulated. Contrary to what you may think, a lack of activity in the brain does not constitute any sort of hole in the brain. Also, those inactive spots go back to normal after you finish with your high. At least understand what the image is. I mean, did you seriously just find an image that *might* support your (misguided) point and randomly paste it? If you did, kudos, that takes some serious balls. Mainly because no where in the linked article does it even mention these said holes. Nor does it really provide any conclusive evidence against MDMA. What is hurting my brain, though, is your lack of one (perhaps you're the one with holes?) Edit: Where are you getting this idea that MDMA drills your brain? I just looked at your other source, and there's no mention of Swiss Cheese Brain Syndrome.
  7. Erk02


    Just look at how ignorant you are.
  8. I can't say I have a favorite song, just a favorite album. Which would be OK Computer.
  9. Erk02


    You literally have no idea what you're talking about. For one, you're totally wrong about LSD. Please name one person who started acting like they had a mental disability through "a couple of times" doing LSD. It's false. For God's sake, most of the myths about LSD (and other drugs) are totally untrue. Drugs, like food, or anything else (including games, music, etc.) are subject to people's tastes. Some people love the speedy edge of meth. Some people hate it. Some people swear by oxycontin/heroin/vicodin's nod. Some don't. So your point about crystal meth is stupid. Also, crystal meth is notoriously cheap..\ Edit - [bleep], I didn't see the poster. I just got trolled.
  10. Even though I know it's impractical, I wish we could just live in a world where we could do anything in class as long as we don't distract others. For example, I could listen to my iPod if I felt that the teacher was just repeating himself. However, I couldn't be loud because then I'd be obstructing the other students' learning environment.
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    Being able to have fun without drugs is not really anything to be proud of. It's like saying you get through life without ever going outside. Yeah... you can. But you'll never know what it feels like to be tripping, seeing your own subconscious. A lot of you seem to think that the only reason to do any drug is the enhance an experience. Yeah, this is incorrect. In fact, when you're on certain drugs, (virtually any psychedelic) you should just try to enjoy the trip, and not do anything else. What I'm saying is that by not doing drugs, you're deciding not to experience something entirely different. I think of this as cowardice, and I want to try to experience everything I physically can. Who cares if I die before I'm 90? And to sum it up, 420 smoke weed every day.
  12. Your signature really is accurate.
  13. Do you mean mean legally? If you don't, then the US is one of them.
  14. No offense (to your looks), but I seriously doubt that every gay guy who sees you will think you're attractive. You're also missing out on chances to make new friends. Also, you're an idiot.
  15. What does this post even mean? Also, "Oh noo, Jagex is not fulfilling their obligation to release huge amounts of content every week! Why can't they update slayer every single week? I'd be so happy." Get over it; Jagex doesn't need to give us a giant update each week.
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