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  1. I plan to train my Smithing level from 58 to 65 and I'm just wondering what is the best xp rates to do this. Also if in between 58-65 I unlock better rates please mention that. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  2. Oh, no i didn't. Never mind then, thanks anyway though. ~Duck
  3. Mine was a few pages back, so it must of got missed. If you don't mind making it, i'll be grateful :P ~Duck
  4. Pretty much.~Duck First CD i picked up of Muse's was showbiz, which i thought was pretty good. It also has my fav Muse track on it, Sober. I also bought absolution, which opened up a fresher style on the music scence at the time, but everything since then has just been overdeveloped, 'poppy', overhyped - i think they've ruined it for themselves despite their worldwide success. Butterflies and Hurricanes is epic, and then i listened to Black holes... and i was just amazed at how toilet it sounded. I had thought for a minute that this was just me beginning to dislike music the more it was played. I loved the first Paramore album, hated the 2nd (i didn't like it, and it was overplayed which is why i'm using it as an example) but then their new album is pretty awesome. Good job Paramore :thumbup: Oh yeah I forgot about Butterflies and Huricanes. I'm beginning to like paramore more now, originally they annoyed me a bit and I still stand by that they are only as big as they are because they have a lead female singer. ~Duck
  5. I presume you will announce your outcome about SD when your decision is made, but any ideas on the timescale of this decision? ~Duck
  6. I agree. They are incredibly overrated, this became apparent with their most recent CD. Yeah there most recent album was a disappointment tbh, except for uprising :P and neutron star collision is overplayed and annoying. Nah, I would say black holes and revelations, and absolution were the best two albums. ~Duck
  7. The reason a lot of people defend the Beatles is that without them a lot of the stuff that sounds 'better' wouldn't be around. They were more innovative than the Stones, for example, which you can hear in their later stuff. I totally agree that they were innovative etc but I mean to listen to them now and still to see them as the greatest band (at the current time) is just overrated. ~Duck
  8. Another thought, have you (admins) ever considered attempting to make a partnership with an already existing fansite like you have with runescript. This would boost traffic to both sites and you might be able to collaborate on stuff. If you did, without hinting at any particular site, wouldn't it be good the two original fansites together :P ~Duck
  9. Well I know the first MOH is coming out on PS3 only I presume that is called Frontline then. And neither do I think any dramatic changes will be made to the game that are needed to improve it. ~Duck
  10. I think this pretty much sums up my feeling. Of course the US has strategic plans of attack on certain countires, perhaps you could say it would be irresponsible if they didn't, this doesn't mean though that the plans will come into play. EDIT - Well personally the guardian would be my first choice of newspaper and I would expect that reliability is something it is highly regarded for, example of this being that the US afghan files were leaked to the guardian from wikileaks, my guess being because to the respect for the newspaper. ~Duck
  11. I got really excited about this game but after playing the beta I was quite disappointed, I'm not sure exactly what annoyed me but I guess you could say it was because they made a game that combined mw2 and bf bc2 and put together that really doesn't work. Mw2 is a great game on its own and Bf BC 1 is good (maybe not the second one though) but they don't work together. Long story short though my pre-order has been cancelled. ~Duck
  12. Because that song is epic? Anyway Radiohead - Everything in its Right Place ~Duck
  13. Obviously Gun n Roses but Nirvana? I see where your coming from but I don't agree. Personally I think the most Overated band is most defitnately the beatles. I respect what they were at their time but now they would most likely sound crap to someone who hadn't heard them before (somone under a rock obviously :P) while the stones who were around at the same time are still good. ~Duck
  14. Would you judge Rolo Tomassi as screamo? because if so I fear all hope might be lost, truly dreadful. Anyway personally I'm not a fan of screamo just don't like the screaming/shouting, I don't even like some of slipknots (I know their not screamo at all) heavier stuff, which probably explains why snuff is my favourite song of theirs :P. ~Duck
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