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  1. Yeh I know its best to train all skills, but like isnt the combat skills probabaly the best way to go as your also your your combat levels up which can be visable to everyone, even those who do not know that the skill capes are? Plus you also have to get 99 in a skill to get the cape, whereas if your only at 95 in all combat skills your combat level is still going to be very high.
  2. Hey guys, Isnt training like attack, defence, etc the best way to go in the game? To focus your effort? Your combat level is always visable to other (if they click on you obviously), so you can like, show off your progress? Im not saying training the other skills is pointless, far from it, but you cant really show them off (unless your doing something that requires a high level in that skill). The capes are only the really most effective way to show off your skill progress, but quite a lot of people may not know what the cape is, which would mean that your progress goes unmissed. People who play simply for getting their favourite skills up may probably not agree with me, but isnt it always good to show off your hard work? I just thought your combat level is a very pleasing way to do that. Combat also means you can go more or less anywhere without getting killed, more freedom.
  3. Do you mean they might of beenm asking if I wanted to be a mod? Plus how do I check my black marks? Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, I logged back onto runescape today for the first time in about 2 years lol. And it says that on the screen that you come to just before you start playing the same (where it has your message center and the credit thing), it says I have one message, yet when I click on it a new window opens up with the message center and there is no message there! Thanks in advance. EDIT: The message seems to have dissappeared now #-o Does anyone know what could of happenned? Thanks again.
  5. I was the exact same way. Stopped watching because it got a bit too ridiculous :lol: I cant really remember why I stopped watching it, but I just cannot seem to like it now. Like I said its just like too much of a fake community and they try to make it like a soap with all the backstage drama. I quite like john cena and I have a dvd and poster of him, but watching wrestling and being a fan of it is just not for me.
  6. Well I used to be into wrestling, I mean like years and years ago. But now I just cant like it anymore, I find it nearlly impossible to be entertained by it. I guess I used to like it because it was all showbiz and big, but its just all too fake to me now, and most of the behind the scenes acting is terrible.
  7. Hey guys, What aspects do you like about music? The things that keep you into it, that dont let you lose interest in it? Some of mine would probably be that it can be inspiring, it is a big thing, there is lots of it, it can be interesting, etc.
  8. Then just ignore the phone until they are :?
  9. That's a bit sad on the Tony guy, but lmao of how he caught her :XD:
  10. When I finish school next year Im going to college to study Horticulture, then I hope to go on to become a landscape gardener.
  11. Wow, its nice to hear that someone on these forums does things off the computer.
  12. To be honest with you, I think that the game was over-rated. It is a good game, but I dont think that its the best game ever.
  13. But, Honestly? If it is, then I totally agree. The way the song builds up into the solo is sweet. Yeh, thats the one. Its quiet at the start, then it starts to get more "rockier". I was a bit worried yesterday because I wasnt sure whether I got the new album or not. Can I just confirm that I got the new one? The front cover has a picture of a half bomb half light bulb I think.
  14. For some reason, I find it a bit more cosy indoors when its raining.
  15. There's more to a book than it's cover. Not that I think FIFA is in any way superior to the PES games graphically, because PES does that good enough. The player names it does not have, but to me, it doesn't matter. I don't care about playing with a specific team and winning a specific tournament with it. I want to have a good time, score pretty goals, as in goals that I'd be proud to have scored IRL and which I know are hard to reproduce in the game. And not just goals, making a classy tackle or a nice feint is also rewarding, because PES is a GOOD game. FIFA has none of that appeal to me. It's all graphics and names. Exactly. Also I don't really play the tournaments, Football games are best playing with friends, it gets repetitive playing on your todd I think. Why do I get the impression that you two arent big football fans? No idea mate but I'd say you were pretty wrong. Its just that you guys dont care what player you are, which to me sounds like you dont really care about which players is which. So a football fan is someone who likes football players? Not someone who likes football? Funny definition, but if that is what you choice to define a football fan as, then I am not one indeed. I didnt say that, I tried to specify that it didnt sound as though you are a football fan since as you didnt particullary care which player is which, therefore didnt know many football players.
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