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  1. We had 17 in. We need you to post a pĂ­cture of your ending opts in order to give you the TWR points. Apparently they aren't actually in TWR anymore anyway :P
  2. You would be able to see the game chat. Such as overloads are running out, something like that. Couldn't you just put it on friends/hide and just have people talk in the cc?
  3. Whip > Rapier for Wyverns, think it's slash they're weak too, not 100% on that. But I know they're strong against stab.
  4. Looseminded's (CWA) Novaname's (I got youtube'd so there's no sound. Listen to your own [cabbage] :tongue: Well, this is quite the story I have to say.. DW approached me on Monday looking for a war, we agreed upon having a Matched Opts miniwar in Dangerous CWA. We agreed to do it in CWA primarily because DW was insisting that poison would crash them. We started our matched opts miniwar with 'the' pulling 27 people to DW's 21. The miniwar started smoothly but about 1/4 way through the war DW started running out of bounds and leaving CC. Apparently there was a rules confusion, DW insisting that we agree'd upon no corrupt allowed. However we did not have that written in our topic. This misunderstanding is acceptable, no hard feelings Dw. :$ We were upset that our war had to end early so 'the' decided to go out pking. We banked our gear and headed out to PK, first we hopped to world 57 looking to kill some randoms around deep wilderness. We later got news that DW was pking in world 14. We quickly hopped at east tree looking for DW and found them east of spiders. The fight began with 'the' ko-ing dragonwood members and severly diminishing their main pile. Dragonwood retreated to mossies and hopped worlds. I was upset that the fight had to end so quickly.. However, we received further information that DW hopped to world 11 and so did we :thumbsup: 'The' Starting: 54 Opts Dragonwood Starting: ~50ish opts The fight started out at spiders with 'the' rushing DW south of spiders because they were refusing to rush us... :whistle: We continued fighting and for whatever reason Critical Damage came and started piling 'the' members only spamming "off green capes" "yellow capes only" ... :suspect: Well what can you do? We called SOLACE. Solace did a great job putting CD where they belong, in lumby. :$ We appreciate the help Solace. The favor will definitely be returned. Solace went after RSD so they had to leave shortly, however the damage was done on Critical Damage. :thumbsup: The fight continued for about an hour with dragonwood regrouping to mossies a few more times... Dragonwood finished they're regroup again and we continued for a little more. props to dragonwood for not ending there. :innocent: However our main pile was too much for Dragonwood to handle. We had great amount of styles throughout the war and i saw some great tanking from our new members out there today :$ Just before we were about to take ending picture, we ran into Poison (thinking that DW was back we piled their fall in leader) Sorry for the confusion. Appears that poison was looking for some dragonwood blood also :$ The fight was over, we cleared Dragonwood and Critical Damage. :thumbsup: 'The' Clan ending: 90-100+ opts (few returners still arriving :yes: ) Dragonwood ending: 0 opts Some pics of the ORANGE OWNAGE: Keep this topic clean, any 'the' member caught flaming will be striked.
  5. 'The' Forums | Seers Irc: #theclan | 'The' Runehead Memberlist Collision approached 'the' looking for a pkri on Sunday. We haven't fought on a Sunday in about a year so at first i was skeptical on accepting this war but i wanted to set a challenge for our members to see what we can do. After a rough pull Friday against Aces of War we were determined to not let that happen again. We agreed on the following rules: - 90 Mins Pkri - Spiders to East Tree bounds - No corrupt / dung - Higher opts Attack - Team if crashed - All Styles We met Collision at mossies and took our starting(s) for the war. 'The' Starting: Collision Starting: (19:17:00) <Jigs_Wz34> hey, can i get a starting opts pic from collision's side? (19:17:59) <Legolas32110> 81 The fight started on top of spiders was even for the first few mins, We had great amount of styles overall which helped us gain some great KO power. This caused Collision to regroup quite a few times across the wilderness. We continued to hit them and eventually Collision called it off after about 60 mins / 90 mins into the fight. 'The' Ending: 114 Opts Some Pics of the fight: We heard that Collision was getting sniped by Envy, thus we decided to hunt them. We hopped to world 5 at first killed a few stragglers hoping to run into Envy there but they hopped to world 57. We met them on world 57 and the fight began. Here is OneOneSeven sniping collision's pile. 'The' Starting: 100+ opts Envy Starting: ?? < Need confirmation please. > We hit Envy's main pile at lava gap and had some smooth transitions going throughout. We fought for about 30 mins and envy decided to call it off. 'The' Ending: 90+ opts had several members returning. Envy Ending: 0 opts, left the world. Some Pics:
  6. Hey there, how ya doing? Good to see an older scaper returning. You should check out the clan http://www.theclanrs.com you will need to gain one more combat level to actually apply but as you're training slayer I doubt that's really a problem. We have a couple of keen dungeoneer-ers too. Hope you come in for a chat some time our cc is "theclan cc" if you want to talk to some members whilst you train up. Good luck finding a clan.
  7. Hey 'The' Clan has pretty much everything you've asked for, We tend to CWA once or twice in the week and have a pvp fight at the weekend with the occasional pk trips throughout. We aren't completely F2P based but we do have plenty of F2P activities. Reqs are 105+ with tank requirements also. Come have a chat in "theclan cc" irc.seersirc.net #theclan or go to our forums http://www.theclanrs.com
  8. If you get sag arrows then you can alch all the way down to 1 of them and get 125 back at the next floor. They alch for 3k each.
  9. No, not really. They're pretty much useless in every way. You could chop them, but then again, you could also mine silver, or fish for herrings, or smith steel longswords. :geek: Not if you cut em and burn immidieately
  10. Had to work through it. :( Looks like you did a really good job TO, hope to be able to make a fight with you some time in the future. Good job Oranges. EDIT: Wrong account =x
  11. There are actually 2 reasons why i'd advise against using normal antifires(though yeah, they will be as good as super ones for 99% of the time). Fristly, You will get 2 messages for dragonfire with the method, so it will be even harder to spot the important messages you need to spot- cannon decay(every 20 minutes), antifire running off(every ~6 minutes) and overload running off(every 5 minutes), and coupled with the constant: You are already under attack message! you would be very likely to miss more of those messages. Secondly, as you are using soul-split flicking, you will be hit for more damage. Also, if you already have the level for super antifires you should already have a great stock of those in your bank as they are free to make. Another small reasoning is that i don't suggest using anything lower than extreme pots anyway, as it's just not efficient. Just thought I'd point out, if you put your Game messages on filter then you'll get the important messages (cannon decaying, potion wearing off etc) but the junk ones like your shield/pot protects you from the dragons breath.
  12. I don't really think so, you only get a 7% bonus on exp compared to a small floor, and it takes about 10-15mins longer on average.
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