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  1. LoL iSketch minigolf stick arena few others
  2. Timklense here with a awesome Clan. 'The' Clan has many many unique things including a famous person! recognize him? I do. 'The' Clan has a great community with dedicated people. We love to communicate with each other by using Ts/Forums/and Irc. We also have a professional events team who set up events all through the week some events include monster monday, karaoke, minigolf and many many others. So if you're thinking about joining a clan why not join us? Also if you don't feel like joining now just intro and see how you like it and post on our forums. Info in my signature
  3. Hey there you might want to join The Clan. We have a good amount of events each week and on Mondays we usually boss hunt. We also have a lot of unique events throughout the week Even if you don't feel like joining right now come register on are forums and hang out with us Forums: http://forum.theclanrs.com/index.php IRC: Seersirc #theclan CC: theclan cc ML: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=theclan
  4. Happy birthday! :D

  5. Have a Happy Birthday!

  6. I dont get it. Whats the theme to this
  7. Bogoroh, Was probably the best caller ever to exist in the game if you didn't have a chance to hear him call then you missed out.
  8. They reached Round 3 of the 20 vs 20 this year. Liar Way to know your allies! :( Way to know yours! First it was the semi finals and also it wasn't 20v20's it was a sub division for community clans full out
  9. They reached Round 3 of the 20 vs 20 this year. Liar
  10. TWR info 'The' Forums | SeersIrc: #theclan | 'The' Runehead Memberlist Few days ago True Ownage set up a TWR fight with us and we agree on the rules of this. Rules: All Styles No Dungeoneering No Corrupt Rings Allowed 1 Hour CWA PKRI Turrets CWA Map Starting The: 23 people True ownage: 21 people We started off ok leading by 5 people. Between mid-fight we had a good amount of blasters and rangers and started to ko them while our members were tanking well. I think we peaked at 26 while there's was around 22. Thanks for the fight True Ownage maybe we can do it again some other time. Also good job Whiteups for being able to tank! Ending The ending kills: 75 True ownage ending kills: 57 Some pics
  11. Worse topic yet Drew. I'm disappointed Thanks for the fight Tr
  12. Gained rune Thanks for the fight AA/BI
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