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  1. Should try 'THE' Clan, our 13th birthday is coming up this sunday, we're into everything in runescape. CC = The Clan Can check out our forums at http://forum.theclanrs.com/
  2. We approached ENVY on Friday/Thursday looking for a 90 minute capped pkri on saturday, looking for a great opportunity to improve we were hoping they would accept. The following important rules were set: - 90 minute Cap - Spiders to East tree bounds - Melee+Range+Binds / No Blasts - Higher Pull Attacks - Team on Crashers Before we set out for an adventurous ride, we made sure our best tank Adr1an was ready to sail off to sea with us. On a scale from 1 to kanye we were at the kanye level of madness so we put on our vintage kanye shades and set out to redeem our loss to Higher Force in a snowball war earlier in the day. :rap: Hoping for great epicness we prayed to the orange gods in hopes of a great turnout and victory ! 'the' clan starting: 102 opts Envy starting: 60 opts The battle continued and blood was shed, due to envy's rough turnout we had them regrouping several times but a valiant effort was put forth. Our styles were perfect, we had more than sufficient amount of members binding alongside our amazing range unit who were spamming like ballers :otvnaughty: 'the' clan ending: 120 opts Envy ending opts: 0 (left the battle field after about an hour) We can always trust our only Egyptian member in tanking it out for us <3 Pictures: and last but not least, Thank you GLADZ for anti-crashing for us and ***DRUM ROLLS*** WELCOME BACK TMRD <3 <3 <3
  3. You guys did very well. I hate your snipers. Daz.
  4. Good topic. Was out so I couldn't make it. Gj my nubs
  5. no idea, we spammed plan, then they said we don't care and attacked us <_<
  6. only really gonna say. THE Ending Kills: 55 (50 mass sniped) 10 years 0 piles. Contradicted yourself badly.
  7. 'THE' was the clear victor in this fight. Grats Poison.
  8. Another time when i can actually make it.
  9. Meh, was there for like 5 mins, gave 3 decent drags, then had to go Lol. grats
  10. I heard you had a prep, wasn't sure though.
  11. 'The' Forums | SeersIrc: #theclan | 'The' Runehead Memberlist http://forum.theclanrs.com/index.php?/topic/5846-the-vs-collision-recap We got a fight with Collision like 4 days ago, accepted the rules with all styles, dung on, 1 hour cwa turrets run in. Good job today fellow oranges, i'm very pleased with our performance and our pull. We started losing some numbers but picked up near the end, while collision gained numbers. Starting Ending Maxed at 31 on ts. Was very enjoyable, like 5 deaths 4 kills.
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