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  1. ^ Good Fight Coll, Envy beter luck next time.
  2. Thanks for the fight DF, was FUN. Hope next time we can keep our opts up longer, TA VS DF 0 DEATHS, 5 KILLS
  3. Thanks For the Fight Poison, Better Luck Next Time.
  4. Thanks for the Fight TBK, i think i did good bank today ;)
  5. Thanks for the Fight AA, Solid.
  6. It was a 1 day prep, thanks for the fight Poison.
  7. Great Fight, it was alot of fun ! Here are some Kill pictures !!
  8. This Bot issue has been around for a long time, but just like security upgrades so do the programers it will ALWAYS be an issue sometimes it will impact the runescape community more than other times but end of the day there is no 100% to get rid of it.
  9. Good Job Coll. Better luck next time DF
  10. Nicee Good Job Gladz ! Great Victory for beign outnumbered but never outgunned
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