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  1. GL winner of EA/AF and SST in round 2 Round 2 Combat Cup Predictions Round 2 115+ Subdivision Predictions Round 2 20v20 Predictions
  2. Your ignorance amuses me. It's funny that you say that because I'd have rather closed and ended on a good note than trying to keep a clan that now pulls 80 opts [Downfall] alive. Embarrasing, son. You're just saying tk couldn't fight through pains of getting better. Every clan has slumps and every clan has highs, we work so we can come out and become better. We don't just close when there might be the slightest bit of trouble. And btw we might of pulled 80 Opts for a week or two, but that's the usual time we pull less( exam period/beginning of summer) Had a full ending of 135 the other day, so it doesn't look like 80opts does it. If all clans would of closed every time they were hitting a slump, the clan world would be no more.
  3. Well atleast this topic got tif somewhat active, not really, but ish @Trinity : Just saying you could of used a different name. I mean there is no Soulja melle, Viking Ship, Lovelost etc. I don't think you were even in the original TK yet you're the leader. Anyways best of luck to you guys.
  4. Sorry not the same without Soulja Melle. See TK you try to say you were better, but you've already closed two times and had to reopen as a team. Just cause you beat TBK in PvP every other week doesn't mean much, i could go on posting but i won't bother. I'll just be feeding the trolls. As far as i'm concerned, just the same thing as GX, closed a couple time and open without its original leaders. Probably would of been better to open with a new team, so you wouldn't have to live in the shadow of the older TK's.
  5. Downfall Been there through our journey from 141 to PvP Clan, whole thing has been a blast. Honestly i can say no clan has achieved what our clan has so far, you don't see any clans from 141 PvPing or in the Top 20. PH comes in close from the open cc to clan, but they did start in pvp. Not as a 75+ 141 Clan. I mean when i first joined there were no applications, and our first forums were hosted by muux.org. Thing i love about Downfall, is not giving a [cabbage] of what other people say, or thing of us. We are who we are, and don't care if you don't like that. Also like our community, one second we'll be raging at each other then best friends. Most of us don't let little things become big things.
  6. Join Downfall 110+ F2P pk clan Many PST'ers Timezone should work well #Downfall http://rs-downfall.com
  7. GF 5 Deaths, 3 Kills while i was their We dominated whole time i was their( Last hour+ ?)
  8. Good Fights, 8 Deaths, 1kill, 5 assists From my vinatage point we dominated most of the fight, atleast when i was there
  9. Tizi


    Would like a Black backround~ add in what ever looks like Maybe the backround in the center a lightning bolt, dunno what ever looks good Center: Downfall Under it: Bow Down or Fall Down For the size- Around 300x95
  10. Happy birthday :D

  11. 1. Reign of Terror 2. Runescape Dinasty 3. Echo of Silence 4. The Titans 5. Violent Resolution 6. Corruption 7. Divine Forces 8. Future Of Old Style 9. Rejuvenation 10. Lithuanian Massive Clan 11. Northern Gods 12. The Call of Legends 13. Chivalry Legion 14. The Rising 15. Crimson Raiders 16. Solace 17. Wilderland 18. The Runescape Warhungers Foundation 19. Australian Army 21. The Moon Clan 22. Runescape Elites 23. Metal Massive Attack 24. The Gladiatorz 25. Collision 26. Legends of Glory 26. The Blacknights 27. Dragonwood 28. The Clan 29. Exodus 30. Ascension Note: I don't Rank Continent Clans, Teams, or my own clan. If your have any issues with my list pm me.
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