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  1. Is there going to be a tournament starting soon? If so, would it be too much if I asked to join? I'm kinda new to this world of competitive pokes.
  2. I'm new to competitive Pokemon, and I'm interested in joining the next tournament if there will be one. PO Nick: Crazykid
  3. A 100M bank is complete crap. this^ So, have all of the 5m/hr+ methods have long since faded? How much cash does Nex-ing bring and who are reliable people to go Nex-ing with? Also, the thing is, I don't really have much cash to buy supplies for Nex.
  4. Frost Dragons are becoming very crowded, and aren't quite the moneymaker they previously were. In regards to my stats, do you guys know of the best consistent moneymakers in RuneScape? If you can, may you guys list the moneymaker methods with the average GP/HR they yield? I don't have much start up cash, my account barely amounts to 100m GP in Bank value, so what can I do to improve this? Thank-you, Crazykid
  5. You're extremely crazy.

  6. Anyone want to battle? OU, lvl 100s, Standard Clauses are the rules I heard kids these days "rave", so we'll go with that. Pokemon White Friend Code: 1077 0481 5768
  7. I think it's about time you log in again, sir.

  8. One of the few skills that actually requires skill to level or least it helps a hell of a lot. The best skill to date.
  9. What is all this I hear about using a CLS during Rapier stakes? When do you switch from a Rapier to a CLS and vice versa? Is this actually practical/effective?
  10. ye then the other person pulls out a rapier and you're screwed gg Oh right... But I have a Rapier. :roll:
  11. Okay, alright thanks guys, what other glitches/scams should I be aware of?
  12. So, I assume that a majority, if not all of you dear and helpful members of the Tip.it community know that Free Trade has been revived and staking along with it. Hoping to get a slice of this pie myself, I will take venture into staking, however, seeing as I have never staked before, I am not familiar with staking terminology, staking types, techniques and etc. I am maxed combat with access to somewhat decent gear and all chaotics. What type of stakes should I be interested in, what rules these particular types of stakes usually have, what methods/techniques should I consider and is there any scams/glitches/exploits should I be on the lookout for and how do I identify them? Any help is greatly appreciated in advance! Thank-you, Crazykid
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