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  1. If you need any admins for coming TICT I'm avaible.
  2. Excellent performance TO, looks like a strong war from your side :thumbup:
  3. Good to see you guys rolling again. Gl in further TWR wars ^^
  4. Gratz PH looks like a solid job :D
  5. Gratz TPR, looking solid. Welcome back :3
  6. Snowblood

    CR vs NG

    Gratz CR, keep it up! :thumbup:
  7. Sickly made topic, that above all this. Since when is there a default rule for sniping? I believe as there wasnt a rule made, that it can be taken as uncapped. so a congratulations from me to Eternity :thumbup:
  8. They got their arses kicked. Goodjob White Skillers :thumbup:
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