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  1. If you need any admins for coming TICT I'm avaible.
  2. Excellent performance TO, looks like a strong war from your side :thumbup:
  3. Good to see you guys rolling again. Gl in further TWR wars ^^
  4. Gratz PH looks like a solid job :D
  5. Gratz TPR, looking solid. Welcome back :3
  6. Gratz CR, keep it up! :thumbup:
  7. Sickly made topic, that above all this. Since when is there a default rule for sniping? I believe as there wasnt a rule made, that it can be taken as uncapped. so a congratulations from me to Eternity :thumbup:
  8. They got their arses kicked. Goodjob White Skillers :thumbup:
  9. Ola Death Crusaders! Nice to see you joining the community, hope to see some wars from you guys!
  10. RIP. Goodluck to your members finding a new clan.
  11. I think a main reason of the inactiviness of TWR is that big and small clans dont war in here anymore. Simply because they dont get a challenge on it. Crimson Raiders is on the list, but last war dates from 28 September. If you look at the skill of the clans, you mainly see average / Mid-Sized clans, whom rarely PvP. Look at Downfall. They once were an active TWR clan, since they've grown into the Top 15/20 of the Clan World doing PvP, they rarely do CWA / TWR anymore. Leaves the CWA Clans ( True Ownage, Legendz ) left, having to compete with the better clans such as Clan Europe, Gladiatorz, DragonWood and such. In my opinion, maybe TWR has to introduce a new point system which maybe has an inactivity basis ( -50 if you dont war for like, 2 weeks? ), and maybe encourage clans to do PvP, which will make it more intressting for both clans, and readers of the topics. This is what I obviously agree with. Also, the Tip.it Clan Tournament was a very active moment for TIF. Ofcourse, you cant do that every week, would get boring. Once in a year is fine, but maybe add a smaller competition, based on skilling ( What clan would get most Xp in ... skill / Overall ). You get the idea.
  12. Goodjob CR, nice pull too :thumbup:
  13. Gratz DF, nice numbers on a No-Prep :thumbup:
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