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  1. Hello! It's been a while since I posted here for the last time. I always had warm thoughts about Tip.It community, this kind of friendly atmosphere was pretty unusual when there was so much hate and *bad* rivarly between clans. I decided to come by and ask everyone how are you doing? Do you still play RuneScape? Maybe some of you can remember me from times when TWR was active. If you wanna hang out on RS3 sometimes feel free to add me, my RSN is now Fuhai. I hope you all are doing great! Mathew.
  2. 1. VR 2. RSD 3. SOL 4. TT 5. DF 6. GEN 7. EOS
  3. Rules: - Full out & matched - No dung/cor - CWA Classic - All styles 1 week ago we set up a fight with CE. Knowing they're best CWA team we prepped hard for this fight. We knew CE will outlevel us a lot since we have loads of 110s, and what comes next, outperform us. But hell yeah, we still had our heads up and when the fight was about to start we hit 52 on ts which is amazing since we have 60 man memberlist. Full out round starting: 52 - 41 (2 dc's from CE side) Unfortunatelly CE decided to pile me first (yeah I raged irl) and countinue piling our fi leaders. Props for Pkranger, Elf Pl2 and Bartez for stepping up and calling during this fight. We ended with 26 ppl left. Full out round ending: Matched round starting: 34 - 34 Matched round ending: 0 - 24 for CE Thanks to: - CE for fighting us outnumbered by 10, and still giving us a great fight - TPC for slumping - Evony for showing up - Elf Pl2, Brtez and Pkranged for stepping up - Rest of polish clans for hating us. 52/60 pull no problem
  4. Was fun, thanks for the fight Envy :shades:
  5. Ranked Clan Wars? I don't think this is a good idea. Tip It Warring list seems pretty inactive right now, many clans moved to RSC, many clans closed. And about RCW, I don't know, I think only rsb clans fight in RCW.
  6. @up Idk, just re-watched Toradora! for 3rd time and I still enjoyed it. I'm planning to start Yumekui Merry but yeah looks like I'm too lazy...
  7. Congratulations :shades: PS Kimberly = Lady ninane, right :)?
  8. Seems pretty interesting to me. Good luck recruiting guys :wink:
  9. Mateusz328


    I'd like to know a bit more about your clan, you put a really little info in this topic. And also this is difficult to read: Good luck recruiting anyway :thumbup:
  10. The only reason I can still log in to RuneScape are my clans. If my clanmates weren't there, if I didn't find warring/pking enjoyable I'm sure I'd have quit long time ago. Skilling and stuff aren't fun for me anymore, I can't be f***d to spend few hours watching my XP increasing. I come back home from work after 8 hard hours and it's fun to talk to my clanmates on TS, to check forums, to go PK with them. It's like a second family hehe :cool:. So yeah my beloved Corruption clan keeps me playing this game.
  11. F2P = demo P2P = full version If you're not satisfied with demo, buy full version or quit. Simple like that. But yes - there are many totally free* MMORPG games that are a lot better than RuneScape, there's not doubt about it. It's up to you, it's your choice. *you don't have to pay for playing. Ofc, there are those "item-malls" where you can buy items for real-cash.
  12. Had a lot of fun, thanks for the fight Extermination.
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