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  1. should've highlighted me, i'm warring full screen Don't think there was any rule-breaking in the first round, cant see us breaking the rules in the second round too since there wasn't agreed on any sniping cap and there was agreed that we had the attack. Playing hide and seek in the last 10 minutes was just disrespectful from you guys
  2. ♥ For the Tip.it Mods ♥ ¤Link to the declaration: ► http://forum.tip.it/topic/287471-twr-eternity-declares-wg/ ¤Winning clan (both name + initials): ► Eternity [E] ¤Winning clan's member-list: ► http://rly.cc/ml/p_o_r ¤Losing clan (both name + initials): ► Wilderness Guardians [WG] ¤Losing clan's member-list: ► http://rly.cc/ml/wildguard ¤Starting/ending ops of both clans (screenshot is valid proof): ►16-16 and 15-15, screens below Eternity vs Wilderness Guardians Melee/Binds/Ranged & Melee/Binds Matched Options Saturday 26th February 2 Rounds of Matched Options Melee/Binds/Ranged & Melee/Binds Classic Map with Center Bounds Rings Allowed Dungeoneering Not Allowed Corrupt Dragon Not Allowed ♥ Starting ♥ Eternity starting: 16 & 15 Wilderness Guardians starting: 16 & 15 ♥ Summary ♥ So on this saturday evening we had a war against Wilderness Guardians. We were determined to win this war knowing they where an experienced clan. In both rounds the start was great for us. In the first round we killed 3 targets in the time WG killed 1 and in the 2nd round we got a quick lead by k0ing their sniper who thought it would be fun to snipe in robes. After we gained a comfortable lead we won both rounds with 12-0 and 11-0 ending ♥ Endings ♥ Eternity: 12 & 11 Wilderness Guardians: 0 Thanks for the fight :wub:
  3. Ranged Only ¤ Cwa Classic ¤ Rings Charges ARE Allowed ¤ Dungeoneering IS Allowed ¤ Corrupt Dragon IS NOT Allowed ¤ North Attack ¤ War World 11 Startings: Eternity: The War: We started of great, one-banging the first pile. After that we had some more fast kills which gave us a 11-6 lead. At that point they left the clanchat. The last guy thought it was funny to tank in full rune (which wasnt even allowed to bring). Thank you for the war :) Endings: Eternity: Other Screens: *Note: There was also a round 1 but we lost it due being nearly doubled in numbers.
  4. Thanks for the war, enjoyed it even though it was pretty short because of the outnumbering in the full out and the clanchat leaving after ~10 mins in the matched. 29>23 = 1-2 ppls ? Think we did pretty well due to the starting/ending
  5. Gj us? Lolled about the 3-4 kills ahead part, the biggest gap was 1 kill O yea, tanked from 10-10 to 10-0, thanks for the practice!
  6. 1st Was a great war, managed to drag TR of me 3rd time but got killed the 4rd time they piled me :(
  7. Gratz, volunteered to drop since we outpulled rkof
  8. Outtanked once, 3 pizza's left on 2nd tank Thanks for the war RKOF
  9. I got camped by a sniper when sniping lol Was enjoyable sniping, hadn't done it for like 6 months From my point of view: Some of your clan kept binding in full robes even when they were getting sniped badly, they should've switched earlier. By the way your grades are a bit high, i would personally rate the anti is 6/10, i had to walk away 2 squares and the anti was off me, while i could snipe again for 1 minute without getting hit (on 2 of the 5 pics where u can see me i wasnt getting anti'ed) So those were some things you could improve on ^ Gratz ;)
  10. Link to the declaration: http://forum.tip.it/topic/265454-the-dark-daemons-declare-on-eternity Winning clan (both name + initials): Eternity [E] Winning clan's member-list:http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=p_o_r Losing clan (both name + initials): The Dark Daemons [TDD] Losing clan's member-list: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=tomm92h Starting/ending ops of both clans (screenshot is valid proof): (15-15 after cutting) Will make this post longer when im back (in about 2 hours ;))
  11. Gratz. Dragged you off me twice, then got piled again when I was low on food and died :(
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