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  1. It's been 2 months since I Dev and I opened this topic, and I've gotten 99 in the meantime. I've seen DG been used more and more in SE and LTH wars, and I'm interested in seeing some of the feedback from other sources. As always, I'm happy to respond to any thoughts and criticisms. I would like to see DG become even prevalent, and diagnose issues of what is preventing this from being carried on. This doesn't pertain to PvP, by the way, but what about all the CWA'ers out there?
  2. After looking at GD's memberlist a few days ago, I was convinced that this was a war that we were going to win, rain or shine. It might have rained a little today, but as multi-style Turrets run-ins are familiar ground for me, I came into this war confident that we could pull through. GD outleveled and outpulled us with 20, but one person dc'ed after the timer ran down to give us the first "kill" of the match. GD attacked us on sight, and we got a load screen and were unable to get a first pile. It took a bit of time to re-orient our pile and chase down their pile (which had been tanked far north). While we claimed a lead in the beginning even with this setback, we gave up the lead when several members got KO'ed, which GD managed to hold for the most of the round. Despite many of our members getting KO'ed, we looked for opportunities to transition and managed to keep their lead to a meager 2, even though at one point the number differential was as large as 13-22. With 3 minutes left in the match, we began turning things around. After being dragged across the entire map by me and Bravehero, we still had a contiguous pile gathered around center line while their pile trickled in from the south. With 1 minute left and 1 kill behind, we all buffered while our tank brought their pile through ours. In a feverish 30 seconds, we KO'ed 4 people in a row and bailed south for the remaining seconds on the clock, securing one of the most difficult but also most rewarding victories thus far. Outgunned, but never out classed, ladies and gentlemen.
  3. Hey Laura (:

    Thanks for the message!

  4. hi there!! :D

  5. Jifaru

    Ce vs TUR

    Sounds like a lot of fun! :D
  6. VS ~ ~ ~ Team Extermination ML Lethality ML Time and Location: 4:30 PM EST World 106 Conditions of War: Arena: Turrets Type: Full Out CWRI (50 Kills) Ranged Allowed: Yes Offensive Magic Allowed: Yes Corrupt Allowed: Yes Dungeoneering Allowed: Yes Sniper Cap: 2 Starting Ops: 12 LTH - 10 X Ending Score: 50 LTH - 27 X Comments: We were approached for a four-hour-prep by Team Extermination. Though not a peak time for us, many of our members were itching for a fight. And so I accepted all the rules proposed - a full out CWRI to 50 kills, basically everything goes. As this was the first corrupt war Lethality has been in since I became leader, I was glad when a few members willingly stepped up to the plate and hit the GE. Considering that we had no idea how much X would be pulling or how much corrupt they would field, we went into this war with a serious mentality and came to win it. The war began 12-10, with one of X's members joining and leaving right as time began, giving us the first "kill." The momentum would only begin at this point, as we quickly racked up several KO's on the onset of the war. X piled our fall-in leader ipwnuwitrang, who would repeatedly tank them off throughout the fight. I personally went to snipe X's pile with a gravite 2h and a gravite shortbow, and capitalized on their deficient anti-sniping by setting up many quick kills. However, X fought tenaciously and regrouped quickly, and at some point exceeded our number. They had several excellent tanks who managed to tank out of food and slow down our progress, but we always kept an arm's distance away from their kill count. The war ended with LTH ko'ing their last two piles, ending the war in a little over an hour. Grade Sheet: Binding: 7/10 -Binds were frequently neglected when people were busy blasting. Anti'ing: 10/10 -Our casters had their way today. With our quick kills, little came near us without being piled and quickly dropped. Sniping: 8/10 -X's casters got absolutely manhandled by the gravite weapons we fielded. However, there was a short amount of time in which we had 3 snipers out due to miscommunication. Tanking: 9/10 -Our superiority in tanking was a huge factor in this war's outcome. While X gave up many KO's, we managed to last a bit longer. Calling: 8/10 -We lost a lot of time due to position confusion and conflicting calls (my fault). War Pictures: War Hero: Crying Faith, for tanking probably more than a dozen times. Despite that, she always came back quickly with a full inventory of pizzas and her corrupt armor.
  7. Nice pull, dominating win. Good job Poison.
  8. lul, funny how one can fall back to a relativist viewpoint of honor but not of morality. I agree with most of what you're saying. To expect people not to crash seems a bit asinine especially at this point. Even if "crash wars" were not to occur, there will always be individuals ready to take advantage of the blind spots that pop up when large clans clash against each other. I find this idea of "honour" to be especially antiquated; not advocating that we should disrespect two wars' clans by crashing them willy nilly, but moreso because there are more dishonorable things that go on than simply crashing someone's fight. On the issue of respect, just because we're on the internet and want to prove the superiority of our clan, does not automatically mean that everybody else is garbage. If Honour meant nothing more than respecting the other clan enough to not DDoS or hack, that would be a huge improvement. if we could get it to the point that everyone can walk away from a war, regardless of the consequences, saying, "wow, that was a fun, clean fight," then something has to have been done properly. That, probably, is where Honor does exist. It is a pity that such discipline is easily stamped out by ruthlessness and self-love. Anyway, it is irrelevant whether I have gained or lost any degree of respect for either clan. You won't see me or my clan in PvP save for rare occasions. Clan rivalries are healthy. Clan hatred can be entertaining. Take it too far, and it might also be criminal.
  9. Hi everyone, I first contributed to the Tai Bwo Wannai cleanup page years ago (eaglecomix), but I was a slightly antisocial kid back then. Err, and lost my old login details. Funny what hitting the drinking age does to you. I've been with Tip.It ever since the near-beginning, and it's helped me through a ton. And now I want to return that favor. ~Jifaru
  10. I love Dungeoneering. Each instance is different, and it's vaguely reminiscent of Nethack and other Roguelikes. The nostalgia is always great. The meta experience is further enhanced by training with your friends. DG packs a healthy serving of English humor, and that tends to go over well with my friends and I. It's a fast skill if you have fun while training it. If you just want a chaotic rapier or longsword, it might drag on for a while. :D
  11. Well once again, experience is not "handed out" because a vast amount of time is required to collect effigies, to the point where it's really even worth it to camp for them. Furthermore, I love effigies because they're an additional reward when I'm on a slayer task. Even if the slayer monster doesn't drop anything worthwhile, the chance of an effigy really makes it exciting and keeps the anticipation alive. On the point of anticipation, it is the high-end content that kept me training - from Dragon Slayer, to Heroes, to Recipe for Disaster, to While Guthix Sleeps, and finally to my Quest Cape. I think the effigies really remind a lot of lower level players that there is light at the end of the tunnel - that one day soon to come, they will also be able to experience the full range of higher-end content. I don't think I really need to reiterate the positives of this update. If you really feel that effigies prevent you from enjoying the game you want to, please allow me to make a suggestion: Don't use them. Nobody's forcing you to.
  12. Congratulations TR You'll get 'em next time DF x)
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