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  1. to the people concerned about complex combat, I say don't worry. The only reason they are updating combat is because it is so archaic and old, it is a joke. That combat system is great....for a game made in 1996. Now it won't be WoW combat either, because honestly, in today's MMO genre WoW is also archaic. WoW was cutting edge once, but it isn't any longer, and the reaosn runescape is much better is that there is a huge complexity outside combat. Combat in runescape has always been kind of not important. PvP generally has been restricted to a small amount of players relative to other MMO genres. PvP in runescape is best done in minigames IMO at the moment, stealing creations is fun for me because it is such a fun game where tons of skills come into play, so combat means only part of it. In soul wars, combat is mixed with objectives, kind of like a MOBA game like DOTA or LOL in a loose sense. But the combat in runescape is not what makes runescape what it is, if it did, it would have died ages ago. So What I'm really saying, is that combat can't get worse. The system is clunky and outdated. Nothing they do can possibly make it worse. I expect to see lots of quality of life changes, and they should streamline things a lot. Mages will be able to have several spells ready to cast without clicking 100 things, and anything with a special should be easier to cast, and I imagine prayer will play a more interesting role than just passive stats that stay on as long as you have prayer points. No details yet, so we can't really get mad at anything. Hold your breath, this should be interesting.
  2. Well first off, I must say that I don't like combat atm, it is too much like skilling, just kind of sit there hitting a guy over and over drinking pots every so often. Now if it is like other MMO games I would say hell no. However I like the combat system as it is now for many reasons, but I think all it needs is hotkeys for spells, prayers, switching weapon hit styles,potions and the odd combat related items or things like that. Using specials then going to inventory to use a prayer potion for example has always been annoying. This should help if it is like that. I think fundamentally things will stay the same. However if combat is entirely re-done, then I expect that things will really get thrown off. It could throw the market off kilter, if some items are now more powerful than others and visa versa, if magic becomes less expensive, all sorts of things. Who knows. In any event, I can foresee a lot of renewed PvP for a while, and if they do it right, we won't have any riots. :ohnoes: This is how I feel. They will change one thing that has been assumed to never change since the inception of the game.
  3. This is my goal as well. I pretty much just do skilling, and I will use my penguin points and lamps on slayer exclusively. It has been working really well so far.
  4. It has been a long while guys. I kind of ditched the runescape scene when Halo Reach was released. THen real life happened. Now I am back for a while ^_^ I don't know if I will have the time to offer my talents to the tip it team again, but that is beside the point. Do I pay for memebership or not? That is the question! I see the price is like $8 now <_< however If I remember right if you pay for long enough or something, they give you a break on that...I don't know really. So since I started a few days ago, I started doing the runespan(which honestly makes me happy and sad at the same time) and I am happily gaining more XP for free than I ever did at the ZMI RC alter. I am feeling the love of the game return. So is membership worth it? I see they added clans, do we have a tip it clan? Are the clan castle things fun/worth it? Anything else you want to tell me about is welcome. One thing I loved doing was stealing creations, I loved that minigame, one of the few where a skiller like me could enjoy the benefits of having high skill levels. I have always loved quests, and want to know if in the last couple years if any have come out that have low combat requirements, but higher skilling levels or that focus on interesting problem solving. I also want to know what is a good way to level up crafting(without losing all my money)..... XD So thanks guys, I want to be informed. I am not in it for PvP or even PvE(I level up slayer with penguin points) so....worth buying membership? Oh and I see people think jagex is being crazy with their money grubbing, but I must ask, how many servers do they have? I feel like that is a big reason why they would ask for money more than before.
  5. Well this is a great new thing. I came to runescape again at the right time. When I left I was getting my RC level up at ZMI. This is a good thing, but there is flaw I can see in it. 1.no requirements. No quest or level requirement to enter, no gold cost, nothing. This is okay I guess on its own. 2.But what isn't okay is that there is no cost and no danger. what makes ZMI what it is, is that you have the options to be dangerous, and it costs you to be safe for faster XP> That or you spend more time. THen also the bank costs runes to access. Overall I am pleased at this new method it should be fun. I may buy 1 month of P2P just to get in on the higher levels and get the item rewards.
  6. Before I start, I love a clean forum, so if this needs relocation, I am sorry it is in the wrong location, do move it. You guys haven't seen me in....over 1 year! Here is the breakdown of my journey, and why I haven't been around. To be honest, I left to start playing Halo:Reach. If there is anything you should know about me its that I LOVE Halo, Legend of Zelda.....pokemon....Runescape and now minecraft. I enjoyed my time on Halo:Reach and joined one of the top map making groups. There I used my pent up creative skills and unleashed a couple of really superb maps, that were under appreciated. After that, and a corrupt 2nd in command in that group coupled with the game being lack luster in multiplayer, having no skill gap and many terrible lag and disconnection issues, I left it. However in that group I was revered as a peacemaker, and offered a position as a news reporter. I declined and left them due to inactivity and corruption. I then went to play minecraft. I found myself enjoying it, but quickly found myself alone in a large world of potential. So I joined a multiplayer server. I quickly earned the trust of the person who ran the server, and became one of administators. It was a free to play, but I donated money since I enjoyed it and thought everyone there was great. The amount is more than I care to remember parting with. At the end of helping run that server, the owner said their fiancee got in a terrible car crash. After a month we were online again. I began to step in and use many techniques of crew organization I learned here at "tip it" creating polls to improve the server, and spreadsheets to organize and train the moderators and other admins. I met one ambitious player who I quickly befriended. He also rose in rank to be a close worker with me as a leading moderator. For some reason the server owner....seemed to become beligerant, unhelful, and illogical. After many chats, we determined this person to be untrustworthy, and left, which sadly left them with a scattered and dicouraged player base. I then joined another pay to pay minecraft server, and now happily reside there, building to my heart's creative content with other creative minds and have found my niche as the person who sells and supplies wool for the other players. I then also picked up League of Legends from watching this video, and signing up using the link in its description. I found I enjoyed the game, and also found out that my two best friends played it without me knowing! But gee, that seems pretty weak sauce right? One of the reasons I stopped coming was that my being a P2P player had expired, and was a gift, and I didn't want to spend on it again for a while. Soon, I found I lost interest, since I had no place in Free to play, having done all the quest, and being able to perform nearly all free to play skills and tasks. I felt caged. I also felt bad for the abandonment of the tip it team, but I pressed on with life. Before I used a crummy mac to do all my ingame work, which was bad because macs don't do games well, and screenshots on mac were hard, not to mention I was editing things for the crew using photobuckets's poorly designed editing program. But I felt unable to contribute. On top of that I just had my old PC which didn't stand a chance to survive another hard drive wipe. So I struggled through life, trying to figure out what I wanted from life, struggling, getting into a car crash once, and having 0 cars(not a big deal for me) and trying to adjust to college was tough. A lot was changing for me, and I was afraid. But yet, I pulled through. Better yet I got a hefty check from my grandpa who had saved me money on Christmas and my birthday every year since I was like 4 and dumped that on me. So with it I I used it in part to buy a super snazzy new computer. which I will now wave in your faces because I feel good for having built it with my friend's help. 6core AMD 4G RAM GTX 460 Graphics card 27 inch HD viewsonic screen. Beside that I was trying to to fiddle with youtube and live streaming, and found that I enjoy both. So who knows, I may end up coming back to runescape and making some runescape videos. So now things are back on track, and I feel good about life, and despite being the grindiest game I play I love to chat with people while fishing and to hunt down those penguins every week, so I think I might just make a bold return. Hello again lovely people of the rune tips site, I missed your good hearty company. P.S. I might not be super active just yet, and if things go to plan, in about 3-6 months I will go on a huge adventure in my life leaving you guys for 2 years. If you think you know what I mean, then good for you. ;)
  7. Wow, I figured here was as good a place as any. I fell off the face of the earth, and I am sorry about that, I made good friends with some of you. I really loved the two runescape forever articles, I have grown immune to nostalgia in a way, I didn't start playing runescape until the RS2 version, just barely. I was on the cusp and I would even catch myself years later calling it runescape 2 or runescape 2 beta. I really love to learn the lore of a game I love, and am glad to see all these new screenshots. I learned more than I once knew and thank all involved in the article. I miss those fun old days as a kid, but here is what I thought as I read. Nostalgic, though it may seem, we aren't looking at the past, we are watching the past blindly, and boldy walk up to us, to a point when we can meet those feelings again and turn again to the future again walk gingerly into the unknown with more heart and experience. It may be a game, just a game, but we love it don't we, and its not just for the gameplay, oh no, its for each other, for the meeting new people, and enjoying someone else's creation, their game, their child(in a sense). Though we may lose our friends, we have the memories of the time we had, the fun we shared, the contributions we made, and that is what creates nostalgia, because we know we did good, otherwise it would be regret. To Runescape, my friends both in the flesh, and those online I once played with, and lost, and to the tip.it team, past present and future, a humble thank you for the joy of all we have done. On a lighter note I really liked the left click article, there takes a sharp mind to think of subtleties, its thinking like that, that will lead you into videogame design. Thanks to Racheya, you really rock for what you do, and being so faithful to it. I will get myself in order, and leave you guys a more lengthy return thread elsewhere ;)
  8. happy birthday :o

  9. Does xp from penguins get doubled? Also, does this stack with sacred clay items?
  10. ^this=ownage Seriously guys, every time Stormage writes an article you tear him to shreds. As the old folks would say, You got your come-up-ance!
  11. Nice article Stormage, your articles are often a bit off, but this one seemed to fit well. Although your allegory wasn't needed as far as I am concerned; I thought you were still referring to account sharing. Anyhow, I never account shared myself. I never understood it. My friends had their accounts, I had my account. It was that simple! We played together. With rs accounts, sharing is not caring. I love the glitch articles, keep them coming. I like to know everything about my video games. You would be shocked what I know about Bungie's Halo games.
  12. well I read only part way in agreeing with these punishments until I relized one thing. That person could just as well just quit playing runescape or out of pure evil NOT put those items back into the market. This would make it worse, and runescape would be the MMORPG known for cruel and unusual punishment. Honestly, they should be able to see into the banned players' banks and if there is a significant amount of expensive items or any amount of extremely rare items remove them. Then at that point they could find ways to recirculate those items like just putting them up on the GE and having the spent money removed from the game, also providing an effective gold sink and still banning those evil people.
  13. I have one. You know how you can turn off chats from other people? Well also be able to toggle what things you can right or left click on. I am thinking in terms of massive activities like ZMI alter where there are thousands of people and you never actually want to click on then, but rather the alter or the bank guy.
  14. well, I would say its a crazy world really. For skills, after the GE, any raw materials became more expensive. I remember selling coal for 150g each as a f2p(which usually had higher prices than P2P) and now its over 250g per coal. So smithing profits began to vanish. So did cooking and herblore and other creation skills. Gathering skills like fishing still retain money making, but since it is easier to level up, people are willing to pay less for the over abundance. But its still actually just a matter of what you prefer to do. I think it is obvious that after a point, the combat player would not pay a certain price for a shark. If they had to pay 2k for a cooked shark, I am sure they would find their own food, or use something cheaper. Likewise, if all the fishers get fed up and quit fishing, then there is less supply, so then the combat people will pay more to get their food more quickly. So however it works out, its ultimately up to how many people choose to do what activities. If you remember, after the living rock caverns opened, many fishers went in to fish this new set of superior fish. This took away from how many shark fishers there were, so prices rose. The diversifying of activities makes prices go up on certain skiller items. But I think the real reason combat is better to make money, is because the lower level players, even CB 70 and below don't realize that combat is actually a way to gain combat levels and make great money, being used to mediocre monsters that don't drop anything worth while. I know I was shocked when I learned combat is so good at making money.
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