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  1. From the quest broken home I just wanted to share my drawing. I thought rowena was really cool so I drew her.
  2. I got a cool new pet! Item name: Skully Examine: could do with gaining a few more pounds. Weight: 0kg Members: Yes Quest item: No Tradeable: No Stackable: No cannot be alched won on the wheel of squeel can be retrived from Diango more pics! [hide] [/hide] Note: anyone has my permission to use any of these images for any purpose that is within legal limits and does not violate tip it or runescape rules, but I would appreciate it if you credit me.
  3. What are these items? The following is all friendly suggestions and really only you know what is best for your bank. A bank works best if it is made around being convient for what you do, regardless it's smart to have a nearly empty first tab for stuff to sell/immediatly deal with so you can just dump stuff into your bank, and a second tab for stuff you do every day. so do you do combat often(if so you have your combat stuff in too many different tabs), and what are tabs 1, 3 and 4 for? also consider taking some stuff from tab 6 out and moving it so you have just a teleports tab. shades don't really belong with armor. use your toolbelt and drop the glassblowers, nets and dwarven army axe. Sell the tia-bo-wanna sticks and dorgishun orb unless you actually use them. Move your eggs to your summoning tab, and after getting 1 of each bird, drop or make into pouches. you don't need normal axes if you have a dragon axe. Freakin nice farming tabs though, and let me use your claws for troll invasion please.
  4. then it would have been all sloppy and not made a good looking logo + i like chunks I did not have any cream corn on hand and I wasn't going to waste good corn on the cob for something this (potentially) gross. Better than I thought it would be, but still not my favorite :thumbdown:
  5. dark1wraith

    My bank.

    Stuff I use alot or am currently in the process of using or selling slayer stuff so i don't forget it/dominion tower stuff Teleports Fishing, cooking, mining, smithing. I mostly use this tab for getting strange rocks. Herblore and farming. The sapling is a spirit. Hunter and summoning. WEAPONS and some armor. Costumes, and stuff that is too annoying to get back to drop. treasure trails
  6. My first 99 ever. Thanks for all the people who did come, and sorry to those that didn't make it.
  7. I love the text actually, how did you do it?
  8. I was in edgeville when i saw this slow moving group of blue arrows. It resembled a curse but it moved extremely slow, just drifting around edgeville, here are some pics.
  9. I went into my POH and there was a blinking arrow like the kind you get when you mark something in dungeoneering over my yellow rune guardian that only i could see.
  10. Beverly crusher from star treck and morpheous from the matrix
  11. I had a lot of fun with this update it's too easy to make the new outfits look like dragon armor or skin though <_< plus I'm surprised jagex gave girl avatars ..err.. chests
  12. one word: epic congrats man, you did this the awesome way not bought it.
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