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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. NoFuns

    A DUCK!

    I haven't put any of my pieces up on the site for a while. Thought i should show you guys what kind of thing i'm doing now. Again, i use illustrator for 99% of it, i cutout the actual character in PS tho. My guild on WoW is the legion of sitting ducks, thats my character, and his duck equivalent. C/C'd be great, :)
  3. you made his feet point the right direction even tho ones further back. NICE the cape is cool, i think its very well done. the sun is the only awkward spot in the whole thing. maybe have some of the orange spread out horzontally along the cloud. other than that, its good. nice body positioning
  4. Did i just call an update the DAY before it came out!??! Hell yeah. thats the first time ive done that :)
  5. Didn't realise it was being worked on. Maybe i should read those Q&A's. At least jagex realises it :T
  6. That isn't the point. You can solo the KQ 30 times in a row without fail, but nomad is harder, for the simple fact that he can hit higher than anything else. I guarantee... no player in the game could go 10/10 against nomad. without a gross amount of practice
  7. does anyone know the details on the bug? like what did it produce, could any player do it? i dont plan to use it, im just extremely interested.
  8. Whether or not its increased HP or damage-reducing gear, the game NEEDS something before any new higher level update comes out. Theyre honestly very similar is theory, they add durability to the player which is necessary for anything new. Players will quit coming back if they're only seeing the same game with more tedious fights.
  9. What Pie said isn't a bad idea. However, weapons also will become overpowered shortly. txl has the pvp thing pretty nailed down. if better weapons are released, pvp will just be gank city... more that it is now. Possibly weapons.. that are good against players, but have bonuses versus NPC's. Stat increases would be nice, as maxed out players are probably tired of seeing the same old max.
  10. Let me explain why RuneScape is probably needing a huge re-work. Jagex can officially not make a harder quest than the newest grand master quest without doing a few things. For one, I believe that no monster can be tougher than this for a few reason. It hits the ABSOLUTE maximum that you can take without dying while at full health. They cannot top this. They could increase the maximum hp level from 99 to something higher, but the massive exp level gaps would discourage any player. Jagex cannot make tougher monsters, they can ONLY make fights become more tedious. What can they do? They need to release gear that has an affect on player's stats. If they implemented a set of gear that required 90 HP and added 2HP per piece (for example), or a set of gear that past level 90 strength would add a strength bonus. They couldn't add these pieces to any risked player-vs-player scenario, but doing so could extend the life of the game. If they released an even tougher fight, players would most likely be taking 98 damage as fast as they can eat their way back to 99 health. What else can they do? My idea would extend the possible levels in the game without adding the impossible task of actually reaching those levels naturally. I also believe that any gear this good should require time spent farming something, minigame points, just something so that players can't just buy it. Thougths? Agree/Disagree? Share.
  11. HA and ironically, AlienWare computers have a light up logo on the back... coincidence? but i'd take an AW over a mac any day of the week :)
  12. In general, price wise: windows desktop < windows laptop < mac anything sure, macs typically run smoother, have fewer bugs... but cost. a. lot. most people who get laptops are those that use theirs for work. every paid graphic artist i know in real life owns a mac, for the simple fact that if you're looking for something that you NEED to run perfectly (and you have to be willing to spend a lot more money for it) then get a mac. I am a windows user, and probably will be for some time. the hardware in my $550 windows compares with that of a $1199 mac. Mine doesnt run as smooth, but its nothing i'd pay $600 to rid myself of. For you - the things you've listed would all be childs play for any windows computer. Take my advice and don't spend the money unless you really can afford to spend that money out of pocket. I can play runescape on my laptop perfectly on high detail at my friends house, but i lag [wagon] at mine. its really more about your internet than your computer (although both do influence it) PS - if you don't care whether its a laptop or a desktop, you can get a KILLER windows desktop for a lot less money. But if you're like me, its gotta be a lappy.
  13. Very creepy. I like it. :-o
  14. The second one is fantastic Tripsis! The way you can pull of hair is incredible. I'm sure the way her hair is floating made it tough. It looks extremely natural, and the colors are great. Also, i really like how you color eyes. It was a lot more prominent in your Avatar project a couple weeks (i think) back, but these are good also. I need to finally break into PhotoShop. Effects like that cant be done well in Illustrator :P Enough rambling, A+ Trip :)
  15. how about a month-long LP contest. something that people could really spend their time on. i'd be more than willing to put some major time into something
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