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  1. Any rates? thieving is something like 350k+ xp an hour(up to around 450k theoretical max). Can continuously thieve all 4 clans if you have high enough level+ exo/ardy cloak. Loot is not at all bad either. Dunno exactly but easily better than lrc plus stackable corrupted ore for free smith xp
  2. Mining at seren stones is wonderful xp. Hope it doesn't get nerfed. :pray:
  3. Yeah the claws have 0.9% melee crit. I haven't heard about the auto attack Leik.
  4. I have over 300k dg tokens and want to get melee chaotics. I am deciding between dual longswords and claws. I have read elsewhere many people recommending chaotic claws. Why though? It seems the main difference between the two is that the longswords do more damage but the claws are faster. What do you guys think I should get?
  5. Used super attack and got lucky. Please close the topic
  6. Which ones do you suggest? Like I said I can't afford drygores. Is there a cheaper alternative?
  7. So I can't beat Chaos hreidmar. I know that it is key to use thresholds and ultimates when he is about to heal. Problem is accuracy. Most of the hits miss so he keeps healing and the battle goes on forever until I run out of food. My weapons are vine whip and off hand dscim. I know these aren't great but I can't afford drygore. Is there any other better weapons I could be using? Other advice?
  8. Its weird how they are not consistent with the quest title. In one of the bts vids mod mark called it missing, presumed dead. Also in today's newspost the music medley is also labelled as such. Yet the official name is now missing, presumed death. :huh:
  9. I wish it did too. I have found that the Dulcin gloves and fox boots colored yellow looks pretty good.
  10. I see lots of ppl near the warbands guy and GE in all purple robes. What are these and how are they obtained? Thanks! =]
  11. Err...what? If I remove the relic helm and alchemist necklace then the banner looks normal again. Strange that they didn't test the combo of the banner and helm that came out in the same update! :wall:
  12. Hmm doesn't seem as fantastic as the hype.
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