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  1. EDIT: Nvm found and fixed the problem. Much appreciated guys.
  2. It's actually 15 hours in combat not 10.. unless they changed it since I last saw. And he, tieszen, is right, the degrade value is pennies when comparing the pro's and con's of each armor; especially since the price to repair barrows drops as you increase in smithing level. Also, 15 hours in combat is a loong time, so unless you are killing goblins or cows (cows might actually pay for the cost banking all hides and 1 hitting cows most of the time) for the whole 15 hours you should have been able to turn a profit large enough to pay for the cost of repairing the armor. The only people who are really against barrows are either too cheap to let go of their pixel gold coins or too ignorant to the facts about the armors in comparison. (I was a mixture of both before I hopped on the Barrows band-wagon)
  3. Yeah I got the same thing going on here... any ideas? It obviously has to be something with the RS client and not my computer after seeing that I am not the only one. I guess we just have to wait for Jagex to fix it.
  4. Shilo I think the most I got was 46k exp in an hour... I want to say, but that was at least a year ago so I can't be exact and I wasn't keeping track or at least I was very inactively. So my math could be off or I could of spent more time than just an hour fishing. Monks are about 30k exp/hour. I think it's something like 250-300 monkfish caught per hour. That was WITHOUT a Granite Lobby though so the possibility is there to get more. I personally did end up Shilo fishing for the last 3 levels 96-99, but before that it was all monkfish from 81-96. That being said, maybe I was spending more time per day when doing Shilo, but it felt like I was getting a level every 2-3 days when Shilo fishing which was not the case with Monks.
  5. I was curious as to whether or not each click on a bird nest generated a different seed. For instance, say I was unloading seeds from a bunch of birds nests I had obtained. If my inventory was full and I clicked on a nest and resulted in me not getting a seed.. when I banked and re-clicked that nest is the second seed I get different from the first one I would of gotten, had I of had the inventory space? If that were the case couldn't I keep clicking a bird nest with just one seed in my inventory, say a Magic Tree seed, and keep clicking it until it gives me a mage tree seed? or is it probably set in stone what seed that nest contains. Just some food for thought, I am very convinced that this would not work and if it did would probably be against the rules.. I plan on attempting it next time I unload my goods from MTK, but in the meantime it'd be good to find out if I am wasting time thinking about it or not. However, a buddy of mine is convinced otherwise and I feel compelled to, hopefully, prove him wrong.
  6. In my experience, before elite void and SW cape.. I found myself getting better exp/hour with the Prosy than the Void. With the void I would have to go recharge pray extremely quick while using Pro Melee and Piety which was not for me. If you are just going to use Piety then maybe a super defense pot is in need if you keep red barring with a Bunyip. If you are going to Pro Melee and Piety than it is probably more suitable to use Prosy.
  7. How do I unlock the Brimhaven Spirit Tree??.. I wasn't even aware there was one. I was reading in an AoW Farming Guide that the best way to get to Brim was a spirit tree. Do I have to plant my own spirit tree there and then I can teleport like that?
  8. I use mine on Herblore because of how expensive it is now. If you are making 1m/hr then you should use it on something that takes longer to train up.. like RC'in, Slayer, Farmin, Agility or Summoning. But I mean if you plan on training Slayer (because you are not 99 yet) then there really is no need to use it on Summoning, because with 99 slayer you will get to, if not very close to, 99 Summoning. If you do Farming runs in between each task and a tree run at the beginning or end of the day.. eventually on the road to 99 Slayer you will get 99 Farming or again very close to. I don't know your stats so this is just speculation.
  9. Personally, I am planning to use mine on Herblore... god awfully expensive these days. In your situation though, it'd probably just be best to go half ( 2 lamps on each) and then spend the 2m on the Con level(s). If you split it up 3 lamps on Con and 1 lamp on Agil, it'd take you longer to get the Agility level(s) than it would the Con one(s). So really the question is.. is the 2m worth spending instead of spending extra time on the Agility training. I'd just go with the 2 lamps on each and spend the money on the Con training.
  10. I am relatively new to the whole dungeoneering thing.. but from what I have seen people usually do C1 (complexity 1) rushes through all their floors until they get to about 5-10 away from their max floor. For example: Your max floor is 25. You c1 rush until you get to floor 20. At floor 20 you bump the complexity up to 6 and do med rushes. Once you finish your last floor you prestige and repeat. That's pretty much the whole gist of it. Also, from my experience, it would be much more beneficial for you to run in a team. The floors go by so much faster, even if you just find someone to Duo with. I can't be bothered finding teammates myself so I don't do Dng at all unless a friends asks me to join them.
  11. You seriously have a problem with players having eyes?.. Sounds a little nit picky to me. ---------------- The only way to get rid of that noise is to get rid of the sound effects.. which I believe also gets rid of dealt damage, potting and eating noises. Leaving you with background sounds and music.. Just going to have to get use to it or live without sound. I don't play with any sound on so I don't know the specifics really.
  12. Melee is always, for the most part, a faster choice. If you have access to a cannon, that speeds it up even more.
  13. To go with what everyone else has already said, your best bet is probably ZMI. Time saved can be spent doing other things, whether it be making money or even just leveling a different skill.
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