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  1. Right okay, I was playing only a few hours ago and then logged off/shut down my laptop. I go to play again and now I can't get onto the RS site (Just loads until time out) and I can't login to the client, it just waits and then boots me out of lobby top login again. Any help?
  2. Happy birthday and Merry Christmas! :D

  3. At the end of the day, Jagex is still a company and all it cares about is it's profit. The bots owners still pay for membs, thus keeping jagex in profit.
  4. Zzzonked

    99 RC

    Currently I'm 85 Runecrafting. My method was 50 - 75 Nats w/ Graahk 75 - 81 ZMI 81 - 85 2x Astrals I'm going to continue to 91 with Astrals, but I don't know if Nats are still worth it at 91? Currently what's the best method to 99 averaging a reasonable Profit:Xp ratio?
  5. WOW. Bookmarked. Much love <3
  6. I was wondering if anyone has exp,prof/loss figures/hour on smelting ALL bars. Any info would be greatly appreciated. <3
  7. Is there a cheaper alternative? (That doesn't involve Blast Furnace). 99 with gold ore and gaunts is about 50m.
  8. So it would cost 51m not 5.1? I just noticed you messed up the mith section too. AH okay, thanks alot.
  9. So it would cost 51m not 5.1?
  10. So what should I edit? o.O
  11. From my level (67) I calculated 99 smithing to be around 7m ish. This is with SC hammers. Here are the calculations (I used Swiftkit's Calculator) 67-73 ( Mithril Bolt UNF ) : 4,437 Bolts needed to be made. 444 Bars Needed. 444*1,570=697,080 [Cost of bars] 4,437*86=381,592 [Money received from bolts] 697,080-381,592=315,488 [Cost of bars minus money from bolts] So that's 315k for 67-73 Smith. 73-99 ( Adamant Bolt UNF ) : 96,333 Bolts needed to be made. 9,634 Bars Needed. 9,634*3,023=29,123,582 [Cost of bars] 96,333*242=23,312,586 [Money received from bolts] 29,123,582-23,312,586=5,810,996 [Cost of bars minus money from bolts] So that's 5.8m for 73-99 Smith. Total Cost: 315,488+5,810,996=6,126,484 So if my calculations are correct, 67-99 Smith should only cost 6.1m using unf bolts and SC morphic hammers. If this is indeed correct could or infact totally wrong, please correct me. I personally think this is all wrong but according to Zybez, it's correct.
  12. I don't have access to the internet atm. I'm currently using my phone's browser. Thanks for the help btw, but what is the cost WITH sc hammers.
  13. I need someone to calc what 99 smithing would cost from 67. Using sc hammers and doing mith bolts to 73 then addy bolts to 99. How much will it cost and how many hammers would I need?
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