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  1. Far from perfect, but at this point, I'm not sure what to do :S
  2. Really quick doo-hickey :D
  3. Didn't get to really finish it since I'm getting loaded with midterms. I guess it'll have to suffice xD
  4. Old

    Where am I?

    I remember that original drawing, actually >_> I thought it was cute as hell :3
  5. Old


    or something.
  6. Bu-bu-bu-but my hand cramped ): Are you painting with a mouse? :lol: I totally remember my mouse-painting, hand-cramping days! Sadly, yes ): I lost my pen for my graphics tablet. It'll pop up eventually >:3
  7. Bu-bu-bu-but my hand cramped ):
  8. The birds are a fetish because of a super-awesome-work I saw with them once years ago. Nothing ever looks right without birds or leaves for some reason ever since ):
  9. I just couldn't finish, my hand cramped ):
  10. Nothing for pixel artists? ):
  11. Old


    5 hours pixeling. Real glad I finished it (:
  12. My most trusty side-kick with 99 range is still my level-50 magic short bow :3 Melee has a nice non-degradable 20M sword (Bandos Godsword). Shouldn't range and magic recieve a high-end-non-degradable weapon? D:
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