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  1. How much of a dramatic difference? Do people know?
  2. Hi, I'm sure this topic has been brought up before, but was just wondering I'll ask it in a context to how I play runescape. So currently, dual drygore maces have come down far enough in price for me to afford it. I mainly use melee for casual slaying, I'm in no rush really and not obsessed about efficiency. I will occasionally do PVM. I have bones banked for 92 pray. Have 96 summ and 99 herb, 91 in melee skills. I currently have chaotic claws and full bandos. Is it financially worth getting the maces, or should I spend my money elsewhere? E.g saving for 95 pray. I have other tier 80 weapons in the other classes, should I save for nex equip? The only other thing I can think of upgrading is wand of treachery to abyssal wand + orb. Thanks
  3. Just got to the loop a couple days ago. Have been looking through some of the old posts, but can't seem to find what's the recommended order to upgrade things, is it rudder>merchants>crew>ship parts? cheers
  4. but claws would be obsolete as soon as I buy drygores (still need 10mil or so) I'm almost wondering whether I should just get the other rewards, such as charming imp and bone crusher first....
  5. how does claws compare to maul?
  6. Hello I'm a casual runescape player. My main activities are doing the daily challenges, very casual slaying (91 now), and casual bossing (I try to do the tip.it monster hunting trips, and not much else). I have just got enough tokens for my first chaotic, I do sinkholes daily which is my main source of tokens so you can see it's taken me a while. (DG=86) My combat stats are 90 atk/str/def, 96 hp, 96 range, 93 mage, 86 prayer, 96 summ. My cash pile atm is 100mil. My current weapons are Melee - SS, bgs, vine whip, zs Range - rcbow Mage - sol/poly/treachery So what should I get with my first 200k tokens, keeping in mind everything I said above and the fact that'll be another 3 months or so before I get 200k tokens again? Should I get claws but then I can just save a bit more for drygores? Should I get chaotic staff? but I see people say dual wield is better, so I can just buy ahrim's book, t70 dw>t80 staff? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Ok, so I'm a noob, let's try a scenario. Pretend I have 0 pendants of skill and 0 prismatic pendants. I get a prismatic pendant from the SOF. Now. Do I have to set this prismatic pendant to a pendant of skill to get the bonus exp? e.g agility If yes, after I use up all the agility bonus exp. I destroy agility pendant of skill. Now, I roll another prismatic pendant, I can set this one to agility pendant of skill because i have destroyed the previously uncharged agility pendant? Am I missing something? Thanks
  8. but don't you have to set the pendant on a skill? in order to get the bxp?
  9. can someone please explain to me how you can use 50 pendants on 1 skill? I thought once you had 1 pendant in a skill, you can't have any more? Even if you destroy the original?
  10. why can't I look at my backpack while in the grand exchange screen? it's annoying. and why can't I look at my worn equipment while in the bank? am I doing something wrong/
  11. Can someone please explain to me how you go about c2 fishing?
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