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  1. Could someone please look at/criticise/add to my plans for maxing my remaining skills? Attack/Strength: Airut Smithing: Actually have no idea? Artisans? Agility: Hefin course with silverhawks occasionally Fishing: C2? Are div locs any good? Crafting: Battlestaves? Not sure again RC: Runespan Construction: God Statues and oak doors Hunter: Draconics with occasional div locs? Divination: highest location + div simulacrum? Are these any good? Thank you!
  2. 99 Fletching today! :) (no picture) And 97 Woodcutting from CItadel and finished at pines. Going to focus on getting daily yews and the odd C2 for this now.
  3. Phr33 geepee pl0x (P.S. good luck with life outside RS)
  4. Got wells so 98 Herblore. About 800k from 99, don't think I'll get soon as I can't afford it/may as well wait for random bonus exp. Will probably end up doing renewals as I have enough ovls for 99 melees and beyond. I think I'm about a week from 99 Fletching, assuming I can log on every day and buy arrow heads (which I can't at least 2 days this week)
  5. Ah yes. That makes so much more sense now. When are you maxing again?
  6. Thought I was popular then I realised it was just arguments. 91 Div the other day, no pic though. Super busy with new rotation (babies and ladies) and rehearsing for a comedy show next week. Pretty much just doing daily broads, div sim and bstaves.
  7. 98 Fletching: Will probably get 99 from broads (~13 days)
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