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  1. Great answer, thanks gago! What about other equipment? Like is fury, barrow gloves, and zerker ring still ideal? Ranger boots and archer ring for ranged?
  2. Nice avatar :o

  3. First thing I did was buy full blue d'hide, magic short bow, those yellow boots, amulet of glory, an eye patch and a team cape (they were still P2P at this stage). I will never forget this outfit :shades: First members skill I trained was fletching because I had chopped a bunch of logs in preparation, just before getting P2P.
  4. Took me 4 - 5 hours for the full set. Then it took another 4 - 5 hours to gild my dragon pickaxe. I then wanted to gild a bronze pickaxe and I got that done not long after the dragon pickaxe: My gilded bronze pickaxe :wub:
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