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  1. Hey Jamie thanks for that :) I didn't actually do anything at all today on this account :/ I mostly played Xbox and messed around outside, I'll be back at this probably on Monday I hope everyone viewing has a nice weekend!
  2. Thanks a lot Tna Tanker!! I know there isn't many people viewing this post but thanks to anyone who is I appreciate it! If there is anyone viewing it this morning before I get started again is there any stat you'd like to see me train today, tomorrow, or maybe in the future? I will be training every F2P skill with time but if someone is interested in seeing a certain one done in a DIY style just let me know!!
  3. Hey Ice and Kaida, thanks a ton for the support!! Here's what I achieved on the first day not much. Also here is the logs I've cut give or take a few as I had to sell some to the General Store to afford the Steel axe :P For the most part I enjoyed the day and not having to grind out a certain amount of exp, thanks for viewing and as always any tips are welcome.
  4. Hello fellow TIFers, I am new to this "blogging" stuff so any tips are appreciated. My account as of right now is a Level 4 F2P DIY skiller. Why have i chosen such a strange account to make you may ask? Well while the 2007 Servers have came out I loved that era of this game we all enjoy, but I refuse to pay as I have always liked the F2P part of the game more that is why i have chosen a DIY type of account, I'll explain this later. Also this new "EOC" update has ruined combat for me and I don't believe that I will be combating unless I have a sudden urge to do some Dungeoneering. Pure F2P; When I first began my RuneScape journey back in 06-07 I honestly had no idea that there even was a P2P part of the game, therefore I was always a F2P account and I quickly loved this part of the game, my first account wasn't very successful as I only knew about goblins and cows for the longest time. After getting fed up with these two NPCs I quit. Shortly after I was over a friends house and noticed that he was playing RuneScape so I decided to play again still staying F2P, I quickly learned a lot from my friend and after completing every F2P quest I learned about Skillers, I made my first skiller and i was hooked, I've made tons of F2P skillers but never tried a DIY. Pure F2P means never having access to any P2P aspects of the game. DIY; Stands for Do It Yourself. I know many people are thinking why would you want to do this when the Grand Exchange has made the game extremely easy? I never thought that the Grand Exchange was a fantastic update, yes it has made skilling and such a lot easier but to each his own I suppose. Being a DIY account is tough in many ways no trading other players using mostly shops or making your own tools for use, with this DIY type account I will also be playing a bit in an old school way, using mostly old school methods, no Bonfires, Artisans, or RuneSpan. I will be posting screenshots daily of my stats and total experience, I hope everyone enjoys reading through and viewing my progress any questions or tips would be appreciated and thank you for viewing. :)
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