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  1. Mods: I know that there's a topic regarding the Combat Evo BETA but I think this topic of its own will be large enough simply on the discussion on this one term. If you don't then by all means remove it. ==================== If you haven't seen the video, here's the link. Basically, it's official, you will be able to dual-wield weapons, 2 scimitars, but only 1 whip is allowed (due to the visual effects/moving the whip). Does anyone think this will be overpowered? I mean, Chaotic Rapier and Whip, or even 2 Chaotic Rapiers? Unless Shields are going to have a really heavy bonus we haven't seen in any BTS videos or text yet I think this'll be extremely unfair. Not to mention the fact that training will be much, much faster now. Oh, by the way, don't worry, you can also dual-wield crossbows (or knives, etc) if you're a ranger and for those Magers, half-speed magic spells (twice as fast). Oh, and for you tribrids or hybrids, you can cross them over, an example would be: Whip, Crossbow and a spell. ==================== Overpowered? All 2-handed weapons now have a 150% damage boost, example: Your max hit with 1 hand is 100, you'd now hit 150. This still doesn't seem sufficient (at a first glance), but hopefully the BETA will shed some light on it.
  2. I thought that, but only to very low Defence ones (ie; 1). However, I'm sure there will be some reasoning to this, maybe this hidden thing (including something truly amazing that weve been keeping as a surprise) is some sort of item that changes or adds benefits depending on your actual levels, so it'd be different for each players account (unless they have the same stats). Also, I think maybe the way they'll counter what I've said at the beginning, is by having life-point boosting armours, all require certain levels, give good bonuses. Example: Level 102 maxed pure with Iron Armour will have maybe 100 added life points. Where as say an average player with say 50 average stats will be able to wear Granite with a guess of 500 added life points. This is just completely something I've thought off the top of my head, so it probably won't be right at all lol.
  3. Isn't this how the combat update is going to start calculating combat level anyway? They better start getting used to it I guess. Honestly, I think it's a good idea, I mean, its your fault (and mine) if you don't train Defence.
  4. I think it could quite possibly be another additional Combat skill, not sure what exactly though.
  5. I'm excited for player-owned ports with weapons/armour up to 90 :) Finally, our player-owned shops will get introduced (basically player owned ports I think).
  6. I don't think that would ever happen, I think if any of them were to be raised, it would only be Constitution.
  7. Well, if all combat stats where raised to 100 (including Prayer) but not including Summoning as that's a multi-skill (combat and non-combat) your Combat Level would be 139.75 I believe. But as they're changing the combat formulation, I doubt what I said will happen.
  8. I've heard that too (I think it was a rumour I heard though, not a video), I've also heard there will be no such thing as "combat levels" outside of combat-zones (meaning they won't appear, it'll just be the persons username). I have no idea. Personally, I'd like them to completely revamp it, I mean, it's totally unfair really the way you can "over power" at certain combat levels. Maybe they'll do-away with attack/defence/strength levels (they only work when not wearing weapons/armours) and your overall level will be determined in what weapon/armour you have, which means you technically could be level 3 (1 att, def, str) but have the best gear, giving you a "visible" higher combat level, I think that'd be quite interesting. Or, armour reflects your defence level, the higher it is, the better the armour becomes, same with attack, hopefully this would stop people having low-defence and low-attack.
  9. Wouldn't surprise me if they make them untradable or make them very common next week or in the near future.
  10. Maybe someone recovered your account like they did me. My password was hugely long and numbers/letters (no one could guess it). I was inactive for a long time and never logged on. The only logical explanation for it is; someone found out information about me and over a long amount of time (somehow) and recovered the account, however, I personally think the Jagex recovery system is simply not really controlled by humans, I think if loads of attempts are made it will eventually give in and give you access. I tried asking Jagex for more information regarding when the person took over access of my account and all the information I got back from them was something along these lines. --> They must know a lot about you.
  11. Behind on schedule again (busy in the real world). Just got 69! :D
  12. 101 Summoning could simply be a potion couldn't it? Or like a temporary boost. 30K is for testing purposes. No idea about the Black Demon combat but it looks good, hopefully now they'll be less easy to kill and drop rare-drops at a better rate.
  13. I bet they've completely forgot they had F2P and a Jagex staff member just read this and is now panicking like hell.
  14. I don't think these changes will make much difference at all, unless Jagex changes how the hitting system works (my opinion: basically luck-based). As for the first BETA mention, I think they mean "update", several players have had the chance to BETA test certain things but this is the first public one (as RS2 was an entirely new (sort of) game).
  15. I'm smashing this, just got another (63) Runecrafting. Edit: I'm awesome, 64 now.
  16. Is it in about 3 hours from now? If so, maybe, hopefully I'll still be online :)
  17. A woman eating a slice of watermelon. Clearly. You must be blind because that is clearly a mango. I thought: projectile vomit attack.
  18. I don't think these changes will make much difference at all, unless Jagex changes how the hitting system works (my opinion: basically luck-based).
  19. I'm sure iShowU is sufficient for what you need.
  20. Had a rethink and a reshuffle of all my goals, these are much higher now I believe. I'm cracking on well with them too, just got another 2 Levels (Runecrafting).
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