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  1. Basically RS3, world events and the NIS. HTML5 beta is still just that, but you can play it on live. It is still labeled as a beta and treated as one so be mindful of that. So it's basically RS2.5 until RS3 (HTML5) comes out? Or am I still not understanding things correctly?
  2. So what are they actually releasing in just over an hour? Is it basically HTML5 BETA for everyone? Or just the NIS? Or am I missing something?
  3. [spoiler=hate, but relevant] Eliminate the redundancy of the Player Moderator role by eliminating the role of the Player Moderator entirely. Oh - I don't know - how about a mass resignation? No. The Player Moderator is a redundant role in today's Runescape. They have little or no function whatsoever, at the present time, and what little functionality they do have, they're generally handcuffed and unable to perform it. It's time for Jagex to simply eliminate the role altogether. None. Any of the roles they once performed are no longer relevant. I think I've pretty much summed it up. Thanks for asking. Have a lovely day! I have to admit, you have actually hit the nail on the head, they aren't relevant any more. Unless they review the Player Moderator role, all (in my opinion) PMods are currently doing are using the crown to gain an unfair advantage over other players (ie; with trades, as their crown stands out, maybe they should be hidden?) and to help gain e-fame I suppose. Therefore, they should be removed from the game.
  4. Wouldn't it simply be touch screen with 1-button use? Obviously they could invent a mouse to work with Smart TVs though as there would be a cursor provided by the in-game control.
  5. Great final, personally, I think the only team that could have beaten Bayern this year would have been Real Madrid, such a shame the bowed out. Interestingly, the two (Bayern and Dortmund) play today, it'll be very interesting to see who wins that, I think whoever wins that will win the Wembley final.
  6. I live close to York, would have been much better video if it was out round and about in town rather than in someone's house if I'm honest.
  7. Surely then you'd need quest points, meaning not everyone currently would have full access to it, only those I'm assuming with max QP.
  8. Agreed. I think we may see a few prayer-books, the original obviously being a Guthix one as it has defence and attack. Saradomin would focus on defence, Zamorak attack-based (well, until he is killed in the story lines by Zaros). The book would still be usable.
  9. Personally, I think that screenshot is the epitime of RuneScape, it looks fantastic and I think anyone who where to say "I play this game" wouldn't be laughed at with graphics like that. Jagex in my opinion are changing the whole "I play RuneScape" (the other person now won't laugh). Well done to Jagex (seriously). Such a remarkable achievement. I'd like to hear workers say how they truly feel about this (people like Mark who has been there since Classic) I'd like to ask them this; Did you ever, back when you started think that RuneScape could ever look that nice? I'm sure all of them (even Andrew himself) would say no.
  10. Part of me thinks the current HTML5 version looks, well, very child-like, as in, bright, eye-candy colours to attract a younger audience, personally, I think it's overdone and I don't particularly like it.
  11. That's why your recovery questions should be completely ridiculous and written down. EG; colour? (a: blue) hello (a: how you doing) so, what's your name? (a: bill ben the flower pot men) etc, etc.
  12. In all honesty, it was to have more of my type of signature out there. No worries though, it wasn't hard to find, however, I was very surprised no one had really found it.
  13. Cat is out the bag then finallly, I'll cross mine out and edit to include your link as it is official.
  14. Was just trying to be nice, in case they haven't done so yet. It does. Correct :)
  15. Gonna have a poke around and see if I can find it myself. Feel free to pm it to me... Did you find it? If not, you can use this: http://forum.tip.it/topic/318457-runescape-07-lite-hiscores-for-tipits-use/ In other words; http://www.leetscape.com/content/07userParse.php?user=USERNAME
  16. Not sure where to put this so hopefully a Mod can simply move it to the proper forum for me, if so, thank you in advance.... onto the post. Seeing as I'm such a nice person. http://www.leetscape.com/content/07userParse.php?user=USERNAME http://services.runescape.com/m=hiscore_oldschool/index_lite.ws?player=USERNAME Enjoy.
  17. New skills, but they need to be proper ones.
  18. In my opinion, they have a great concept and game in Castle Wars, but like I was about to say, in my opinion, they need to make it "worth while" as it takes a lot of hours to collect tickets, therefore; Why not have super strong weapons for inside Castle Wars that degrade over an amount of games but require tickets to charge/restore them up again? Why not have items you can buy to use outside Castle Wars with good features? These don't have to be weapons/armour, they could do it with everything, such as, noted fish, noted cooked fish, noted ores, noted bars, herbs, etc.
  19. Worst April Fools' ever, not believable in the slightest, whoever thought of this idea has no creativity at all. Just my opinion, not meaning to hurt any ones feelings.
  20. I think what they'll do is have a dedicated RS2 (07 team) even though the voting didn't reach what it meant, I also think it will stay permanently free to current members, however, new members would have to pay an additional price. I also see basically there been RS3, renamed to "RuneScape" such as RS2 was, thus, RS2.5 (which imo is the current RS2 with EoC) completely forgotten and not used. However, given that imo RS3 is basically RS2.75 (confusing I know) I think what we'll see (if I'm completely honest) the best form of RuneScape Jagex has ever produced. The only thing about EoC I don't like, is the fact that it's similar to Classic, you get Xp per Kill, not per Hit/Damage, I think this needs to be changed due to the fact that it's super fast xp for low levels (and medium imo) to kill lower monsters rather than high ones.
  21. They already confirmed you can change/customize the runescape layout by dragging and dropping, which isn't familiar if you've seen pictures of bots out there, heck, they were doing this back in Classic, it's not new, Jagex are just making it "official".
  22. Don't get your hopes up with the sky and the zooming out, they did this before, right when RS2 was about to enter its BETA stage (most of their pictures showed a sky, if I remember correctly, a couple even showed the night sky, once the BETA and final release was released, you couldn't zoom out.
  23. I wonder if this new HTML5 thing means they've given up on bringing RS to consoles?
  24. WASD movement has already been implemented! That's just camera isn't it? Urza is referring to character movement. Do you mean walk diagonally? If so, you could do this in RS1, it's hardly new.
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