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  1. Ah that explains it. Some of the pro features seemed a little "hacky".
  2. I mean does it/can it do it automattically when I get a new level. Say I advance from level 50 -> 51. Orion would automatically take a screenshot without me having to push anything.
  3. Hey, I just came back to the game after a fairly long break. Was wondering if anyone had any tips on getting some starter cash. Was going to work on all stats to 60 but would like some gold first. I have low stats here is a screenshot... and you can see all my glorious money(47k). https://i.imgur.com/PWZv237.jpg Thanks in advance.
  4. I was wondering does swiftkit have an auto screenshot feature? Was just looking at Orion and it has it but I don't play old school.
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