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  1. Im 138 combat and i risk atleast 2m at bandos. That adds up, obv i never die but i did dc once.. That hurts. Hope they change the rules or upgrade graves dramatically.
  2. My friend Lost everything because he used the healing pray if ur health drops below 10% and ran out of pray. Epic fail.
  3. ...wat Curses cause enemy to lose less prayer per damage but curses increase damage dealt with turmoil more then piety. So it's 50 per prayer lost but still your max is +30 more so its similar. Curses own obviously.
  4. Just carry a prayer potion and you won't lose your items. Problem fixed. Turmoil still owns.
  5. ^ duel arena is multicombat, so korasi spec sucks there. Best ko is ddp++? or granite mace lol.
  6. I can't login, I even changed my password and can't login again with the new one. They have broken something. Goodbye runescape!
  7. Lots of noobs doing Puppet Muster emote, ofc not perfectly.
  8. It must be far stronger then Corp if it's not gonna be soloable with turmoil and overload...
  9. You justbsaid that dragonfire shield is better then dragon defender. LOL.
  10. I checked the herblore scroll effect.. It's still bugged, despite what i said before. It does save wring stuff.
  11. Worstcupdate ever = so far Because of items not leaving the game the prices will drop a lot. It sucks.
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