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  1. Success! I finally Beat it.
  2. Ok I'll try some Mage and see if I can kill him. Be Back in a bit.
  3. Hey Guys I'm working on the Monkey Madness Quest and need some help. Right now all I have to do is fight the Jungle Demon. But everytime I go, I end up dead, even after following tactics from different guides (sitting on the edge let the gnomes do the work, give the final blow) I didn't have a 37 Prayer Level (protect from mage) so I went and bought enough bones to get there. So that's not a problem anymore. Now the guide says to use range or mage, but usually range is best. But I don't use range ever, it's a level 17. So it's hard to get any good hits on the demon. Here's my adventurer's log so you can see all my stats: http://services.runescape.com/m=adventurers-log/display_player_profile.ws?searchName=lyndon4321&submit= You guys have any ideas on how I can beat this guy?
  4. Thanks! I've Been Training Like Crazy Lately. Just waiting for Free Trade & Wildy.
  5. Oops, well I'm sure the threads will be merged. My brain is kinda mush tonight too. Last Exam Tomorrow, which I should be studying for atm instead of posting here. >_<
  6. Ok So as Soon as I heard that Free Trade and the Wilderness were coming back, I had to check it out. Since finding out it's true, I have returned! I've re-activated my membership and am training it to get ready. Only 10 levels away from a Whip. WOOT. I figured I might as well come back to Tip.It. Oh How I've Missed it. <3 And I'm also Reviving and Old Fansite, the Land of Guthix. All in All, it's good to be Back.
  7. This event will be starting in less than an hour. If you would like to participate, then please meet in the Varrock Pub (northeast) in World 154 at 1PM (Mountain). Prizes will be awarded later.
  8. Im hosting a RuneScape event at my local library. This event will be unique as it is in the real world and not online. However in order to make this event work, I need the help of 6 experience RuneScape players. The Event works like this: You are given a clue, then you have to find/make certain items and then find the correct representative to give them to who could be anywhere in the RuneScape world (F2P). I need 6 players to help me out with this by 'hiding' at a station and then checking the items, and giving the players their next clue. If anyone is interested, please send me a message. This event is scheduled for THIS THURSDAY (February 4) from 1-3PM Mountain Time. If you would still like to participate in this event (Even though you are not eligible for the Real life Prizes), let me know and maybe I can scrounge up some cool rewards like RS Memberships ;)
  9. The Land of Guthix is a Brand New Site. Well not Brand... The Land of Guthix (LofG) started out about a year or two ago as a forumer forum. Since Then It has been taken over and is now moved on to professionalism. We are currently in the process of working on the fansite with numerous guides for you and the forums are open for your convinience. Come Help Bring the Community Back! Join Today! Click Here For The Forums! Click Here for the Website!
  10. I finnaly figured it out :P I currently have lvl 4 Slayer
  11. Amazing Job I support! I will add sig to my forums :)
  12. So Any advice on how to go about training str with slayer?
  13. I will be working on a finished copy this week. So keep the ideas coming. I will also post different versions as they progress. The Final copy will be available at my new site (found in sig), however untill I get them coded I will be taking requests for beta non updating ones. (Including a PSD if you want to change it yourself). These ones will be free. I will be working on the Sigs for a buck at a later date.
  14. Once I start getting previews, people might get interested. I hope to have a website page up by 2 weeks that will have this. And its based on requests only...so
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