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  1. Witcher 3. Rides of Icarus when bored. And only reason I remembered about this forum, I kind of miss Castle Wars I used to play about.. 11.. 12..? years ago.
  2. blerb. -.- Better to leave it up, no one wants stalkers. :twss:
  3. [hide][/hide] New try, in more civilian clothing or whatever hah. Kinda dark too, but when isnt it dark in Norway at this time. omg. Forgot to write the rest, too tired haha. And hopefully I dont get Stev whining at me for removing a photo again. :P
  4. I would rather die for myself, than live for everyone else.
  5. It's Gudvangen, Aurland municipality in Sogn and Fjordane,)
  6. Without the annoying crazy drunks,)
  7. Jumping, crazy looking vikings anyone? Also a groupshoot. Me and my friends are the only ones who really jump lol. Yaaay! Get dwarven beads. :P
  8. Booo. Hiss. Also, found me a dire wolf when I was at a viking market last weekend: Yep, rather not show the drunk selfie. :D
  9. You need some proper silver (viking) beads in that braid:D
  10. [hide] [/hide] I managed to turn 25 a week ago! Here is a self-appreciation of my birthday-hair! :P
  11. [hide] [/hide] Drunken Sailor is stuck in my head. ^This is the face I've been making the last 24 hrs. Curse the latest Assassin's Creed.
  12. [hide] [/hide] Before a party on saturday. Found a good reason to throw a party, and that was moving to a new city! Good thing there is no after-party photos, since I went to bed around 05:30 that morning. :P
  13. Varda


    I has internetz again!!!
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