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  1. Well i did this picture in paint, the dimensions were 1348 x 507. after i painted it in PS those sharp edges made from Paint disapeared when i scaled this picture down.
  2. Are those the sounds from Dragon Ball Z game - ESF ? :D
  3. Nice work, but your gloves and boots look like thay are made of paper :) add some thckness to them :)
  4. Its hard for me to understand your point, if you hate my pictue just say so. And whats so bad about posting a picture on my favorite runescape help website ?
  5. I belive elite clue scroll's icon looks diferent from 3lvl clue scroll icon, meaning its not an elite clue.
  6. Hello dear tip.it users, today i would like to share you an artwork i have been creating specialy for RuneFest gallery competition. I have allso seen it in RuneFest videos and pictures, hope you like it. http://img192.imageshack.us/img192/270/wildyh.png (50% size) http://a.imageshack.us/img707/7301/wildwilderness.png (100% size) Pics from RuneFest: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=5354456&id=511362465&l=fd4786d1e5&ref=fbx_album http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=5354461&id=511362465&l=fd4786d1e5&ref=fbx_album Big bold red moderator message: I have contacted this user regarding the concerns of plagiarism. They have shown me several work-in-progress images of this piece that are proof enough for me that this user is indeed the creator of this image. -Necromagus, Tip.It Mod
  7. Hello, i've finaly finished my new picture, hope some of you will like it . For those who like this picture, i'l let you to to use it as a signature , just write your name somewhere and use it :)
  8. I know that selling a partyhat in the general store will give you 1gp, but after i sell it for 1gp will i be able to buy back with 1 or maybe for 3gp ? or maybe i will have to pay 80m (purple partyhat price) for it ?
  9. Take a look at my small picture collection I made for you : Wery few pictures made with Photoshop and more the Paint ;) [hide=]I made this one just before haloween in RuneScape 2008, it got selected by the Jagex, but unfortunetaly they cleaned allmost all gallery and this image got deleted as well :P [/hide] [hide=]And these pictures were used to be forum signatures ,a bit strange, but i like the fancy colours [/hide] [hide=]Some random picture i made :^o [/hide] [hide=]This one took me alot of time and its still on progress, maybe il paint it one day. This was totaly made by Paint ,no Photoshop. [/hide] [hide=]This picture was created with Paint aswell, and yes its not finished, needs some colours :oops: [/hide] [hide=][/hide] [hide=]A tier 3 warrior with Thunderfury from World of Warcraft [/hide] [hide=]And the last picture of this gallery with a "magic tree" [/hide]
  10. Hello everyone, today i have seen my picture on a gallery, BUT its not the Updated version of it, wich i made after the one u can see on Runescape gallery, the real (finished) original can be shown here :D hove you like it, and it fits perfactly on my PC's desktop. and allso my teacher wrote my a mark 10 for it :D and putted on all Schools computers :D so heres the finished version: http://img261.imageshack.us/my.php?image=26smallvd3.png
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