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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Hah. Your survival count is pathetic compared to my 1.687.489 "if you read this you will die" evaded deaths. Also, this is in 4 days, awesome. Means 200 million of those extremist christians will get to realise how deluded they are very soon. Can't wait to see their faces when nothing happens.
  3. The way I see it with girls it's more like they're the ones who curl up and you can either piss them off more or go away. It's a flirt thing. I don't get it much neither, you're not gonna change it though. Don't think too much about it. Indeed it's difficult to understand, it hurts your brain, it makes your life suck at school if you don't get the trick, and it's sometimes unnecessary. I was about to compare it to maths, but I just remembered maths actually make sense. But I guess as long as you know what's waiting for you, you can get the job done. This thread is actually interesting. So what do you think is worth doing in Ben's situation?
  4. The way I see it with girls it's more like they're the ones who curl up and you can either piss them off more or go away.
  5. After spending last night at Café de Paris, this is exactly what I'll be doing from now on. Met a really nice woman last night, didn't do anything because we were drunk, but she's making it a challenge for me to get anything out of her (as in, number etc), which I like. A lot. Shall see how it goes. I frankly don't get how you learn to appreciate such resistance. I mean, if somebody closes the doors to me like that, in my books it's because she doesn't like me. It makes no sense to me that somebody who likes me would pull of such amounts of resistance. What exactly goes in your mind, for you get into that kind of conclusion?
  6. RS has to keep updating the game. I feel that for lower leveled people - they have TONS of alternatives to train (for most skills). It's not like they can just investigate the bots and not do anything in the mean time :/ There's tons of ways to update the game without encouraging botting. These cape updates not only encourage botting, but they're also of the most extreme kind.
  7. War on bots? Right, that's why they're adding capes that require ridiculous amounts of grinding right in the middle of a serious bot invasion.
  8. Yeah, individual botters generally aren't a problem. Maybe sometimes they KS you, but they could have been a real player doing the same thing. Gold bots however, crowd the game and corrupt the economy. Why is it that nobody here knows the difference between bots and gold bots? That's one term I rarely get to see on Runescape, yet there's so many of them out there.
  9. Reading 5 paragraphs of posh english makes my head hurt, but if what you're saying is that people care about skills too much in this game then I agree. There's so much content, much superior in quality to skills, that people just don't explore because there are no "rewards". I wonder where such people find their definition of "reward". The best reward from a game is fun, not some pixel coins. I always supported the idea that quests were the best aspect of this game. Nobody still cares, which results in new quests sucking, and grinding getting encouraged, which then leads to botting. Aside from that. You know what people, in a few years companies will finally realize how pointless it is to fight bots in a MMORPG. It's pretty plausible they'll just distribute their own bots to make themselves more money and to make the game more interesting. Some of them have already started. Bots are a consequence of grinding, and most of these games have got way too much grinding involved. You can't just make a game that takes 10 years to finish, and expect people won't bot it, that's ridiculous. It's inevitable. Jagex may not be willing to raise the EXP rates by something like 100x, but botters are even less willing to stop botting. Probably a few typos out there but yeah whatever, I'm tired.
  10. Thanks, but I think it's still nowhere close to meaning she'll be my girlfriend unfortunately. Work at it, it's easier than you think to make something out of it! :) If I learnt anything from this, it's to never "work" at it but rather let things come naturally.. well at least, this time I got a yes was the first time I wasn't "planning" anything.
  11. Thanks, but I think it's still nowhere close to meaning she'll be my girlfriend unfortunately.
  12. So yeah had been concerned about all that. Now out of random I saw one of my friend girls who I used to talk with before, nice person and all. Asked her if she'd like to come with me whenever I went to do some photography artwork, she sounded pretty happy to be invited and accepted. Just like that, totally random. It's not even like I know her much. I seriously don't get any of this anymore but for once it's taking me somewhere better now...
  13. Jagex never runs out of creativity when it comes to encouraging botting.
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