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  1. Learning new combat system and doing qbd for slayer task paid off :mrgreen: :mrgreen: (my first visage)
  2. When someone's drop is worth more than your entire bank. Need to learn to PVM :wall:
  3. Old time player, and ex Tip.IT pvp mod. Took a break for roughly two years but starting to play runescape again casually. Looking for a clan to get some help and re-learn a lot of what's changed and focus more on skilling.
  4. Haven't found one, but Runescape is something I've been wanting to catch up on. I tried EOC for a little while, but that only lasted for a month or two. Would anyone mind giving me a brief summary or run down of what's changed/been added sinceEOX was launched?? I don't really want to activate my membership again only to find everyone I see is a bot, of that the game has taken a turn for the worst. I have played old school RS for a little while, so you can leave that part out. Thanks in advanced!
  5. There's a (or was) lvl 3 with firecape who glitched the caves. Not sure if that account is still around though since it wasn't a roll back.
  6. The park revival isn't about trying to move everyone to fhally. It just gives those who want to an option in worlds two and five.
  7. I don't think the use all check boxes are working. At least not for me. I have to manually check each crew member. Also x2 what user above mentioned about solidarity.
  8. I get more voyages in about an hour...perfect way to pass the time and will be leaving feed back after. I can already tell this will take out the guess work and save a lot of time, so I love it already <3:
  9. Today was my first experience with POP...love it :wub:
  10. Except at the end he comes back regardless of what you actually decide. Does he because... [spoiler=Quest spolier ahead]during RotM he only appears at the ceremony if you resurrected him during his quest. [hide]In Zemouregal's notes he mentions that either an adventurer (if you sided with the cult) or the cultists (if you sided with Carnellian) have resurrected Hazeel. I suppose Paul just forgot about this when he wrote RotM.[/hide]
  11. In fc we noticed no interface to display weight. However i did do a few experiments running around with a cannon and barrel chest anchor. Weight does still affect energy, maybe they forgot to add that into the interface?
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