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  1. Holy crap... I just logged in here for the first time in YEARS and you're the only name in OT that caught my eye. Just perused the thread real fast and saw Nadril, Dusqi, Azvareth, Rick... good times. And I just started reading through some of my old posts... man, I was a huge moron not even a few years ago. I pray that if you all do somehow manage to remember me and my misinformed angsty antics that you forgive me xD **EDIT: Any of the other DarkWebz crew still hanging around? Eg Merc, Mad, and so forth?
  2. Kwisatz


    On that quiz I got 77% and I've been on 4chan maybe 5 times... I personally choose not to melt my mind with such drivel to be honest. I have friends that frequent it often and they simply cannot stop parroting 4chan memes. I don't want to be that way.
  3. Do you actually read these religion threads? The people who know what they're talking about generally don't argue about whether or not there is a God, because of what you just said. However your point is much more of a defense of deism than theism, and in a debate about theology there's much more possible give and take than an argument about the existence of a deity. The lack of an opposing theory doesn't give an existing one strength. There could be any number of supposed explanations for the start of the universe, but the unfalsifiability of them is not to their credit. I do read these threads... I read the entire thread, as opposed to the people who just sit and post a reply. I just quoted the article. I realize that people who know what they are talking about know that, but not everyone knows what they are talking about on this thread ;-). As for your second point, I am not making that stipulation. I am saying that, logically speaking, in order for a single theory to be proven to be the solution to something which can only have one, then the others must be disproven sufficiently. That is, by process of elimination we as of yet cannot rule out evolution or the existence of a higher being to any real extent, so I think it foolish to try to make a determination.
  4. See, this is why I can't say I'm atheist although I probably qualify as being so at this point, or at least agnostic. Religion is a highly personal matter of faith or lack thereof, and it should be made based upon one's life experiences and personal philosophies and morals, not somebody going "lolol bible is teh fixtions lolol." Although science certainly can be used to explain many natural phenomena that were formerly attributed to supernatural causes, science still cannot explain precisely where the universe came from. It can offer a theory as to how it was made, but now who made it or what set these events in motion. Until this happens I say there is absolutely NO reason for everyone to be quoting the Bible OR lampooning it since it's ultimately a moot point anyway. As the computer says in Wargames, "there only way to win is to not play." (that's paraphrased, but you get the point). The argument is insignificant because you cannot sufficiently discount either theory.
  5. Thoughts, opinions? Personally I'm not surprised by this result, people with higher IQ's are more likley to obtain knowledge than someone of lower IQ. Hot piss! I was thinking the same thing.... after all, people of higher IQ can ALL definitely prove the origins of the Universe, beyond the shadow of a doubt.
  6. Theory is great fun. The only problem is that for contemporary music it's rather hard to apply, and by contemporary I mean like rock, metal, pop, and so forth. Playing guitar also makes messing with chord voicings more difficult than on a piano, and you can't do like 4 part stuff. Speaking of which I just took my theory midterm and I got 105 on it due to extra credit... xD. We just finished up learning more secondary chords like Neopolitan, Augmented Sixth, Picardy third... good stuff. Non-diatonic used to scare the crap out of me but I think I'm more comfortable with it now. Oh, and nice axe Ragen. I'm not too big of a fan of the wraparound bridges but it looks quite nice :) Also what amp are you using in that recording?
  7. My personal favorite is when women talk about how demeaning pornography is to women and how sexist it is when they fail to realize that the women are the ones consenting to be in it. Instead of whining to people like me who don't purchase it and take no part in production, why don't they complain to the women who participate? QED, seriously.
  8. For as many people who play guitar there is an equal number who play brass at school, and as long as you play guitar not like a tool (as in covering Metallica songs all the time and buying a crappy BC Rich) there is nothing cliche about it.
  9. My friend's father allowed me to once play his quite-old ES-225 and it was like playing a baseball bat... it was very comfortable but sluggish feeling for lack of a better word. And like I said I like slightly-thinner-than-medium necks, once again since I haven't come up with an exact figure and I'm being roundabout and subjective as it is. Speaking of subejctive, one thing many people fail to realize is that neck width, thickness, etc. is really personal preference, so what I or somebody else says is not always necessarily true.
  10. .... Wait, what? :o Who says this? Is this the general consensus people have? I've never heard this before, that thinner equals better... shreddage. I tried out this Ibanez RG in a store once that had a really thin neck, and I could barely play it. It just felt completely off and wrong. Dude RG's are cool and all but my hand cramps on em... I like medium-thin necks. The one on my Steinberger is "thin," but not Wizard thin. But yeah, the vast majority of everybody says that thinner necks are better for shred and soloing, which I don't necessarily agree with. People also say that painted necks are slower than ones that are just finished, which I guess could be true, but I play like everything in position with as little hand shifting as possible so I wouldn't know. **EDIT: Thought you all would find this conversation a tad amusing. (7:14:00 PM) bttf_man: YEAH (7:14:14 PM) bttf_man: i swapped teh tubes in my marshall but i still need to bias it... guy in waldorf wanted 85 to do it so I said "screw it i'll do it mahself" (7:14:29 PM) [friend]: mehh (7:14:32 PM) [friend]: f*ck that (7:14:56 PM) [friend]: waste of time (7:15:01 PM) bttf_man: what (7:15:11 PM) [friend]: swapping tubes (7:15:16 PM) bttf_man: wtf (7:15:22 PM) bttf_man: these were the stock tubes (7:15:24 PM) bttf_man: they were 7 years old (7:15:28 PM) bttf_man: my distortion sounded like [wagon] (7:15:31 PM) bttf_man: it's like x10 better now (7:15:35 PM) bttf_man: much bassier and fuller (7:15:44 PM) bttf_man: well i should say my OD2 channel (7:15:46 PM) [friend]: i hate bass distortion (7:15:47 PM) bttf_man: vintagey OD1 sounds just as good (7:15:51 PM) bttf_man: bassy (7:15:52 PM) bttf_man: not bass ;) (7:15:56 PM) bttf_man: as in it sounds MEATIER (7:15:56 PM) [friend]: yeah (7:16:12 PM) [friend]: i like alot of treble in my distortin (7:16:17 PM) [friend]: distortion* (7:16:22 PM) bttf_man: but that doesn't mean you can't have bass as well (7:16:27 PM) [friend]: i do (7:16:47 PM) [friend]: i like 2x as much treble as i have bass though (7:16:53 PM) [friend]: sounds more heavy (7:17:09 PM) [friend]: and good for speed solos I used to think along these lines, but then I decided that having distortion that sounds like a chainsaw cutting a soda can in a beehive wasn't any good. And it's still beyond me how more treble makes something heavier, or what differentiates a "speed" solo from a normal one. Maybe buying a korean "Starcaster" from Target and using a Squier bass amp will enlighten me... This same kid also faked playing the solo from Through the Fire and Flames, very poorly, with his guitar missing an A string. He passed it around like it was real and was generally a Richard about it until I posted it on Ultimate Guitar in order to put him in his place, then he took it off and said that he wanted to see how many people would believe him. "I fooled you!" he said to me, to which I replied "I see... you're far too lucky I don't have the balls to call people on their BS to their face." /endsuperlongtangent
  11. If by curved you mean like thicker and more rounded, to my knowledge Dean makes some (comparatively) thick-necked guitars. I feel you though - I'm so tired of everybody creaming their pants over the 17mm Wizard necks... thin does not equal better, or even faster in many cases.
  12. Toneworks pedals are pwnage. I have the AX5G, which pales in comparison to the 1000 series, but it's still pretty awesome. I'm pretty unhappy with the wah though, and it's a tad noisy for my tastes. That said I now run it in the effects loop so it's alright, and I'm getting a Morley Classic Wah for Christmas.
  13. I would also like to add that today I tried to check the bias on the tubes in my amplifier. It ended up with me taking the amp apart and balancing it precariously upon 4 pillars of books because the people who designed the damn thing are stupid, then me sweating up a storm trying to get a reading out of two pins that are ridiculously close together and right next to a HUGE capacitor. I then panic'd and turned everything off because I thought I blew a cap (turned out to be hot glue... I should know better since blown caps look nothing like hot glue) but upon putting everything back together it's all good in the hood. I need to find a good amp service place around here... no way I'm paying 85 bucks for some dude to adjust a pot.
  14. Ha, that's awesome. After having to do so much 4 part and counterpoint writing for music theory class I've really realized how simple the VAST majority of popular music is. I used to think accidentals were 'complicated,' but after having to worry about parallel octaves and crossed voices and contrary motion and everything that goes along with classical writing I find it's far easier to worry about chromatics in a song that has at most two (closely related) parts as opposed to having to juggle a bunch of different rules. That aside the majority of times non-diatonic stuff in rock music is fairly predictable - 99 percent of the time it's either a straight stepwise run, the pentatonic blues, or a passing (? I think) tone thrown in there. And there's no bizarre secondary dominant stuff in there either xD - bane of my existence. And the more I learn and get better the more I realize I have a long road to go before I'm anywhere near as good as I'd like to be. **EDIT: On topic, somebody once told me that indie music was "chill" music by definition. Personally I think indie is a word reserved for a business practice, not a genre, but even then not all indie is downtempo. But this person has good taste so I don't care.
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