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  1. Wow :\ Used to fight him a lot in classic, he had also a lower leveled pure Kryptik where he made my word 7 castle days unpleasant. I think he posted some kill pics here a while ago, very sad to see him go. RIP.
  2. Always nice to meet the fans :) I'm assuming with the bold you want to point out my poor spelling, yet you don't use capitals nor punctuation marks. Sorry English isn't my maternal language, I do my best to type as good as I can. I wanted to say that it's always nice to know what the staff is working on, in a topic. It's also nice to know what the CD users want so the staff can fill the needs of the users. And if users know what they are working on, they won't say "tip it is dying" but have more patience. Not really sure what your point is here, yet Laikrob is indeed a far better staff member then I am. I complimented here multiple times (I'm sure you have read my post on her goodbye topic) and I told in my previous posts that she's one of the few people that I worked under who really were outstanding. Yet I also shown my admiration for Y Guy, Kim & Joe since I think they are great. That doesn't mean I can't have an opinion. Since when is that an answer? As I said on my post it's - in my opinion - important to give people an idea if there will be a tourny in the winter of 2011 or if it's more a long term project for the spring of 2012. Funny that comes from you, you registered today (welcome to tip it ! ) and start to flame me out of nowhere. You accuse me of not being active, yet you weren't even registered before today. When I browse I don't post a lot, I read these forums weekly out of interest. Funny how you accuse me multiple times of not reading trough topics, of not being active yet you weren't even around when I was a staff member so how can you know what I did or didn't do? Do you ever see me brag with something? I'm not active in the clan world anymore no. Yet I read these forums, and as you certainly will know there aren't many frequent posters here. So yeah, the few that post I know. As you certainly know as well informed person Michael West (the runehead owner back then) said if tip.it would make great memberlists Runehead would probably close. Back then it was an opportunity to get ahead of other clansites, and if the main coder didn't have time to finish the project (they had a few people on it, I don't think the tip it crew would "waste" resources on something that would "certainly fail") I have no idea who you are, but if you know me from the past and have a problem with me it's always fun to know your original RSN/forumname. And again, you base your opinion on me on 1 post - classy ! Not sure where I'm not constructive, I'm sure that if my opnion is worthless they will ignore it.
  3. Ok... Anyway: I was always a fan of transparancy. If I look at the clan forums I only see two - if I may say - seriously inactive stickies: Improvement topic - only 5 posts in a year, hardly any suggestions TWR Suggestion topic - last post 07.11.2010 I don't know, I kinda expected a topic made by a staff member with questions on how do the current visitors see the future, what are they suggesting, ... Also, oppurtunities to maybe give an activity boost aren't updated/follow up'd on: Tip it tournament - will there be one in 2011 ? I assume a tourny takes a lot of preparation so if that hasn't started yet maybe say "Next spring 2012 a big tourny" or w/e. If you keep users posted they will frequentely check these boards to see what the plan is, and maybe drop by the CD and reply on a few topics. I know it's easy to not do anything myself - since I don't play RuneScape anymore so I wouldn't be useful - but there are a few simple things to do in my honest opinion that don't take so much work. Update users on the projects the clan staff is working on, and do that atleast every month. If a newsletter is too much work, just a small topic on CD then with the activities these days. You could make new fresh discussion topics about specific problems (e.g. : do you want a TWR tourny? do you want a tip it tourny , ... and make polls in those topics, always attracts more users) Don't do such things in the conclave, but in the CD forums. I'd personally hire 5-10 extra staff members (I know maybe there aren't a lot of people around but when I look around here I see like 4-5 potential candidates (ofcourse I'm not informed if some of them already declined a position) ) and prepare them for something. A tip it tourny still in the winter of 2011, clan memberlists, a complete revamp of tip.it, or a big TWR tourny where the winner clan gets a month advertising on tip it's front page, I don't know what's possible. However, I think many of the tip it CD users are a bit uninterested also. If I see something, I'd make a topic about it to discuss something. Apart from a few here, most of the users only complain and never hand in a constructive suggestion. Though to form a great clan discussion then when some people only seem to be interested in tip it when they don't have to cooperate and be innovative themselves and basicly sit back and jump on the success train. This is just my opnion eh, I just don't like dancing around the problem and chit chatting about irrelevant stuff. Yeah Danny sometimes seems a bit cynic but I don't know, maybe he just wants an active CD and thinks there isn't done enough at the moment. I'm not saying we all should become negative and shout out that tip.it's clan discussion is dead, but I don't know maybe a few small things could make a huge difference.
  4. I know you did, however I don't browse these forums a lot anymore. However I think this topic isn't the place to vent your worries in my opinion. Kevin deserves to be congratulated without being questioned when he didn't even have a chance to proof himself. I'm not saying I disagree with you, but there isn't a quick fix. To "revive" a clan section you need a lot of hardworking people who spend a lot of time on thinking out ideas, trying new things. There's a chance that all that work is for nothing, but there's also a chance that it will succeed. I'm not saying Kevin will turn things around, but he's extremely active I see and he tries to make topics - even when hardly anybody else does. I know it's "useless" in the eyes of many people, but if really nobody posts here anymore then the clan section is truly dead. I'm not going to comment on the current clan staff, but I doubt the situation is different from that a few years ago. A lot of great staff members left the clan staff, and I personally think they should hire a bunch of really active members now, and indeed try to rebuilt it step by step. What did change is the clan situation, since I'm unaware of the current clan activity I don't know if it's realistic to dream of a super active clan section. Personally I always had a lot of problems with the hierarchy on tip.it. The admins really supported the clan section, certainly when Daniel and Laila were in charge, but there was so little out of the box thinking. I'm not sure if it came from upperhand, but it was hard to get an - maybe risky - innovative idea done. We once had the chance to make some sort of runehead, and instead of putting heaps of people with tech knowledge on it (because honestly, if that was good tip.it could be the biggest clan section now) they just let it die. I also never understood the idea behind promoting clan moderators to super moderators. I think it's a good idea to promote clan moderators like Kim, Y Guy or Joe who did a great job but give them a "higher" rank excusivly for the clan section. Now they spend a lot of time on moderating other boards (I could be wrong but I thought a super moderator was a "general" moderator) instead of having the full focus on the clan section. Times with low activity are the time the clan section needs people (like the CL's) who exclusivly are working on how to revive it. This is in no way a finger point to the current clan forum activity of Kim, Y Guy or Joe - but it's just something I never understood. Because honestly the only person that was able to do that - and that I worked under - was Laila. I never had the end responsability ofcourse, and maybe the not-clan admins were afraid tip.it's clan section would become too big and the rest of the forum would be undermined, I don't know. However, with the right people and motivation a lot is possible here. I saw that myself a few years ago when I thought the clan section would slowly but steadidly grow to a new dimension, however for an unkown reason that growth stagnated. Edit: now I'm doing it myself to discuss this matter in a wrong topic. This post can be moved elsewhere if it isn't suited.
  5. Comments like that change a lot on the contrary. Congratulations Kevin!
  6. Your name makes me lose the game everytime I see it.

  7. If you are seriously suggesting that in times like these there isn't anything to update/communicate about, then our opinions couldn't lie further from eachother :mellow:
  8. Oh great, the "tip it is too severe" story again. How original. If there's one thing I don't think anybody can complain about it's about the mods their looseness imho. Please give examples of what you say, I'll give examples of why you can't complain: 1. This topic got locked (http://forum.tip.it/topic/288420-is-tip-it-dead-or-not/) for a good reason. It was a useless topic, so no need to keep it open. 2. This topic is handeled very loose imho. (http://forum.tip.it/topic/287474-please-welcome-our-newest-cl/ ) Its a congratz topic, but yet again some cowboys find it necessary to start baiting and whining about stuff going on or not going on at tip it CD, instead of putting some effort in making a decent well typed out topic to discuss it. Only Danny decided to do that, but of some of the others I am yet to see a suggestion about how we can help out. Please find me examples of too severe moderation? I'm honestly interested. Do you want a RSCommunity scenario (with all due respect) where everybody can act like a moron (well, I'm afraid it's the best some can do) and just support the decline in quality clans have to suffer the last years? I sure don't.
  9. Nice post Danny, I agree with most of your points. You hit the nail on the head with some comments :thumbup: I'd like to respond of this. I know you guys do a lot of work behind the screens, but why aren't there updates of what you do? You don't have to go into detail, but a topic every few weeks with thoughts, suggestions that are being worked on by the staff would be handy. Some sort of voice where the staff explains to everybody what their views are on the past few weeks, on the new wilderness, ... I miss that here. I also think you shouldn't keep a CL in place who hasn't even logged in in 2011, if you keep staff that is inactive (for whatever personal or not personal reason) too long listed as staff, people have a wrong idea of the size of the current active staff.
  10. Nobody stops you to help out instead of wasting your time on being a negative nancy. Ofcourse it's easier to bash without handing out solutions :) On topic: Gratz Jack!
  11. I'm going to comment on parts of this quote further in my post, but what I don't understand is that nobody of the clan staff responds to this. Wheter he is right or wrong, if I was a clan staff member I'd jump on that post to proof him wrong, or atleast give a short insight of my opinion. But that's just something that popped in my head when I saw this... First of all I'd like to say a great post unclebilly, enjoyed reading it. However, I don't agree with this part tho. I do think that users are mainly responsible for the activity of the clan boards, however the staff can help. I think of the clan staff as the engine of the clan boards, they have to start things up and keep the train going. Ofcourse there could be more discussions, but there used to be some sort of agreement when I was in it that one of the staff members made an interesting discussion topic every week with some insights in the clan world, the wilderness, ... I don't understand how with the wilderness returning there are hardy topics about it. The last discussion topic made by a clan staff member dates from months ago.. Got to agree with Pan here. Activity is also posting updates about what the clan staff are doing. Are you thinking about changing the TWR with the new wilderness? Are you working on something? What is happening with some projects your working on? What is the opinion of the clan staff on all these matters? How do you expect to keep tip.it operational the next months? etc, etc...
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