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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. Don't play anymore really but I guess I can always answer some questions or whatever :p
  3. Babe, we're getting old as fudge. Time to retired RS for good. See you in real life some day, Legend Arc! Lol! <3 For ever.

  4. For those of you who remember Kryptix/Luke, apparently he died yesterday in a motorcycle crash. Figured I'd share the news here. He had a pretty infamous past on rs, hacking and scamming, but regardless he has always been around rs, from the very start, then onto his own private classic servers he ran. He's faked his death in the past, but based on what I seen from the news articles and his facebook/twitter it all looks pretty legit this time. They haven't released his name in the news articles yet, but probably in the coming days. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-18440453 http://www.kent.police.uk/news/latest_news/120614_fatal_rtc.html
  5. I would say culture and tradition is important. Being Native American, I see it first hand how our traditions and culture are dying off right in front of me. Something most descendants from immigrants really haven't seen first hand as it only takes a few generations to really loose traditions. Language is one of the things we are fighting to keep alive right now. 2-3 generations ago almost everyone was fluent in our traditional language, now we only have a small handful of first language speakers. You can imagine growing up in America right now, your traditional language ends up becoming unneeded or unused. Language is key to our culture. I was lucky and was raised by my grandmother, now I am among just a few people my age who can speak my tribe's language. I'm a traditional artist and language instructor, so I really try my best to keep our traditions around. If we loose our language and traditions, we as a tribe no longer exist, we don't have anything that separates us from any other Native American tribe. Our culture is our identity.
  6. ^ Hayians lol. war gto, chaos guy, war xxl, xlady lunax, luckylucky28.......... Most of them still play. and not wildlfowers lol, I think her and rompa stompa are English.
  7. ^ Dang is that you sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 I ran into Musashi last night, pmed me out of nowhere, blew my mind. Been like 5-6 years. Missed you guys.
  8. I agree that animals belong in the wild opposed to captivity, but the main purpose behind zoos is education and getting the word out there that these animals need protecting. Donations and public support is what helps raise the money that gets put to use to save the wild populations. Not to mention that some species are so critically endangered that the breeding programs at these zoos is the only hope they have left for the species survival in the wild. Zoos really aren't money making ventures. They rely on a lot of outside funding to keep operating. Yea a few animals have to live in captivity, in some cases the majority of the worlds surviving populations, but in the long term they benefit from it. Without zoos we would have already lost a lot more species than we already have. Places like that roadside place, should have no legal means of operating. Especially with conditions like that.
  9. There are a lot of places like that. Kinda sad really. I mean there are people who know what they are doing and can successfully run a operation like a private zoo, but really it should be left to those places that actually work for the species survival and education, rather than these private people just keeping them as a hobby or to make money. As an actual zookeeper, I've really come to despise these roadside attractions. We helped shut down a place here in northern Minnesota, but the place ended up just selling their animals to another roadside place. Sad thing is, even if the animals aren't in satisfactory living conditions, many places allow this mistreatment to go on. Generally there are specific guidelines in keeping exotic animals, but even they are far below standards agreed upon by the experts. So essentially as long as they follow the bare minimum standards, they get away with stuff like that. Any proper zoo facility should be accredited by the AZA, Association of Zoos and Aquariums. That way they have to pass specific inspections by experts to insure the place is up to code and the animals are being cared for. The good thing though is, states and cities are finally passing laws to make exotic animal ownership even harder and making tougher guidelines. Every once in a while you hear about animals escaping and people getting killed. Only then usually is something ever done about toughening up the laws. another problem is places where canned hunts are legal. Happens in certain states here in America. Places can actually raise exotic animals such as lions and tigers, and "hunters" can pay to come and shoot them. Pretty lame to shoot a caged animal, especially one that was fed by humans and imprinted to not fear them. I enjoy hunting myself and I'm not a crazy vegetarian animal rights activist or anything like that but being around animals my entire life I'm pretty passionate about certain things. Some of these causes really need to be supported to help shut down certain places and ban certain practices that harm these animals.
  10. Chinese food sure does own American anyways.
  11. Waiting for Demonaz's first solo album out next month. Won't be as fast as he was in the 80's-90's in Immortal, due to his arm condition but it should be a good record anyways.
  12. yea your about the blackest they come out that way lol
  13. azn purity is a white boy :mrgreen: wassup bro
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