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    My definition of god: god is omnipotent omniscient and omnibenevolent but i also believe that this sort of being cannot exist and therefore i do not believe in god. And to most people, that is god. And the way I used to think. But then I took a philosophy class. That put me more in the agnostic category. I am all for science and whatnot, but at the moment, there are some things out there that can not be explained without the existence of a god. Mainly the first nanoseconds after the big bang. It can't be explained at the moment, putting god creating the universe on equal footing with all the other explanation for those first few instance of existence. Explicitly stating he doesn't exist is not being fair and open-minded, but so is saying he does exist and being close-minded. God is not necessarily omniscient, all the evidence for that is in the bible. The bible proclaims a god, but god proclaims a bible, making it a petitio. In that sense, the bible is a fallacy, so I don't think it should be trusted in determining whether or not there is a god. So we really don't know what god is, just that he/she/it could be there, or she/it/he could not be there. And if you want some fun reading, read some Anselm. I stuck a bit of his writing below.
  2. dinoboy100

    Guzoo Zoo

    Has anyone else seen/heard of the Guzoo zoo? Its a roadside zoo in Alberta, and the animals in it have been massively mistreated. It is run by a couple of farmers who have admitted to knowing nothing about keeping animals, yet they have lions, tigers, and assorted monkeys there. It is a really disgusting place, and there is a facebook group set up to shut it down. Don't look at the pictures if you are offended by this kind of stuff. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=9518425359&v=wall
  3. I found a date/time thingy on a wallpaper that I saw posted to the internet. I was wondering if anyone knows what it's called/where to get it, so that I can get it. http://img857.imageshack.us/i/wallx.jpg
  4. In the process of changing astrological signs, I'm just going to go ahead and make myself an Orion. http://news.blogs.cnn.com/2011/01/13/no-your-zodiac-sign-hasnt-changed/?hpt=C2
  6. The idea is to bring someone from birth all the way to death, by giving a couple events per year that that person lives through. Pretty much anything can happen to him/her, as long is fits in with them. There should be at least 2 events of that person per year. They should be in the sequence that they happen that year. You could also create technologies or major events (start wars, exapnd life expecancy majorly, space travel, etc.). each person gets one year. Ex. Year 2046 Person X Joins the army Person X is wounded Person X returns home, retires Any other questions, just ask. The Start Year 2009 Theodore Indiana Phillip Inka-Thomson is born He can read at 6 months He is walking by one year
  7. Borrow it from other nations? You could borrow it from the IMF and learn waht its like to be a 3rd world country and send al your money of to them... But up here in alberta, we have maybe $15 billion saved away if we were to go all depressiony again.. so its all goodish here.
  8. dinoboy100

    Atom Smasher

    That goes along with the kid on my bus saying they were going to create another big bang...
  9. dinoboy100

    Atom Smasher

    They created antimatter there in angels and demons... then it went expolodey over the vatican. maybe thatll happen in a couple of years :o. and @ r0ckyk34n3 for the newspapers: are you implying that the weekly world news isnt real?
  10. Noob made an actual word! In some really big dictionary!
  11. I went out with a couple of people once and we got 100gp...
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