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  1. Happened to me too, i had to use teh new tele
  2. 79% 905 death and 200 iron arrows
  3. updated second trade screen: it says who your trading with on second screen.
  4. ive just been to lessers and they look so hawt.
  5. on of the greatest ps2 rpgs of all in IMO
  6. with no ring off wealth, thats my key things, i killed 3 bronze drags and got a d skirt, never use ring of wealth, it is our enemy. i found that with no wealth i get way more drops, i killed 300 with no ring and got 4 capes 2 shield and 5 mauls and got 1 shield 3 capes and 2 mauls with ring.
  7. ive made 101k tokkul from tokkul drops and have had 8 shields 14 capes 13 mauls 4 knives and 2 daggers
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