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  1. No one has offered to do it... The only thing people posting in this topic have offered is criticism. Again, if you're willing to do it, speak up! I'll give you more details then, because the sequence i want it to be in is a little complicated. If all your going to post is criticism on how I sequest help then don't bother.
  2. You didn't offer much. ...Offer? Offer what?
  3. I think im going to take my request somewere else. Where it can be done without the hassle of forum zombies.
  4. Let me get this straight. You don't want people to see the name of your hometown, yet you plan on using it for your avatar? #-o Its for a more private forum, and why are people so inquisitive?What ever happened to no questions asked? If you can't do it, why are you posting?
  5. The image has the anme of my hometown, and its not sometihng I want to just pass around. Again, I asked for help, if someone can do it, then speak up, the I'll give you the image.
  6. Hello, Im trying to get a flashing light image effect for a picture aI have (would like it to be an avatar). I have no photoediting skills nor a program todo so. I would like for someone to add several flashing light effects to a piccture of a Police Crown Victoria. If you are willing to do this, then please do!!! Im not going to post the picture, as I don't want it to be stolen and distributed around the internet. Thanks, Tom
  7. Seahawk10490

    Sad News...

    He and his family got stuck in the wilderness in Oregon, after a few days he left them to go find help. Unfourtunatley the odds were against him, and he didnt make it.
  8. Hvae you not read the behind the scenes this month? looks like there is going to be a hunting skill lol.
  9. Dude...people here are jerks. Ill no longer post my opinion here since no one here seems to agree with me.
  10. If the defense of all good, means being tough then damnit so be it!
  11. Exsqeeze me? You know what level the terrorist are at? Their at the level of killing women and children, bombing subways, flying into buildings. We cause mild-medium discomfort.
  12. Dragon Battle axe for 21k(changed price at last minute #-o ) a couple of and a couple of team robes.
  13. Dude no one answer my question but one person. And it really wasnt answering my question it was jsut why we shouldnt. My question is, without using the interrogation techniques we use now, how are we supposed to gather the nessecary information in order to prevent and immenint attack on the US?
  14. Fine you people say its wrong then answer my damn quesiton. How can we gather the nesseceary intel to defend our nation if we cant use the only interogation techniuqes that work!?
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