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  1. Heh, whoa. Nostalgia. Dark_yeng, nice to see a CoD/BK sig still :D
  2. Ha, me too :D That is one distinctive avatar.
  3. Here here :P We know you have plenty enough lol. Loving the old names coming out the woodwork. Have we all just been here silent all along thinking we were along without realising everyone else was here silent too? Not me... Adam (who I also haven't talked to in forever) messaged me in game alerting me to this thread. Its been far too long since I've frequented these boards, but maybe I will try to get back into it some time. I'm Exeggutor for the time being. ;) I think it's the reverse this time. Oldies who have been posting regularly on TIF have started checking out runescape again because free trade/wildy is back. And we've been talking to oldies who still occasionally play runescape, bringing them back to check things out. At least in my case that's what happened. For me it was just pretty random. I got nostalgic, came to check out tip.it, and happened to see this thread! Pker dude, which schools are you applying to? And did you already get in somewhere? if so, congrats!! :D
  4. @Lead: Wow, remind me to never be a customs officer. That sounds like a pain to deal with... mad shady :P I could totally see you being a small business owner, though. I can't imagine doing it myself... sounds stressful, and yeah, up and down. I like just sitting at a computer desk all day, fairly regular hours, for my job, just getting a salary :P Don't be too impressed with my future-PhDness... I haven't gotten there yet, heh :D Dusqi, on the other hand, is almost finished with his... hopefully he'll come onto this thread and brag about himself soon. (He also has an extremely successful facebook app). Right now I'm still working as a research assistant for a research center at Columbia University that studies community colleges and programs that might improve them. Unrelated, but also, I became a total beer drinker in college. What are your favorites? I'm mostly an IPA girl myself. @Oergg: Haha, I'm so sorry I never responded on twitter! I never read my @ messages because, well, I've usually seen them all in my twitter feed... not many people follow me or tweet at me without me following them :P But working for a liberal talk show, that's awesome! Where are you syndicated? I'm kind of addicted to liberal politics now (mostly blogs... I don't really listen to radio) so that's super exciting :D I just followed you on Twitter, fyi. It tells me we both follow @attackerman. Good times... he likes good music AND good liberal politics. (Well, although actually some of his foreign policy stuff these days isn't actually all that liberal, but, ah, well... still think he's a smart guy). Also it's also going to be my 10 year anniversary either this month or the next (I forget which), too, and that feels crazy weird. Time flies, I guess. @indy500fan: I don't think people really post on the darkwebz forums anymore, but there are still a couple of troopers using the #darkwebz IRC chatroom regularly... mostly dusqi, Tanya, landon, and rba! I think Jasper (aka Necro) and Ami (aka ForsakenMage I think) still stop in occasionally, too. (as do I). Re: party hats: I've still been signing on about once a year to parade my party hats and make people around me jealous. "Wait, is that a party hat?!" I used to have a full set, but then one time I went into the Wilderness with 3 items (mithril body, legs, and blue party hat). (I don't know how the Wilderness works these days, but then, if you hadn't killed anyone you would keep your 3 best items). But then somehow while someone was attacking me I accidentally picked up some bones on the ground just before I died - and Runescape kept the bones instead of the party hat. So now I lost my favorite party hat! It was very sad. Oh well, still 5 left. To be honest, I'd probably try to sell them for real life money if they hadn't made it so hard to do :x I'm also tempted to just go into a crowded area in RS and drop them and watch the chaos that ensues. PKer Dude Jr and Vaseline! Haven't thought about them in ages. Wonder what they're up to nowadays. Oh, vas... he was a funny guy.
  5. I applied to 28 schools. Got secondaries back from about 20. Sent my secondaries back to about 15. Heard back from about 8. Interviewed at 3 (I have one more interview coming up next week). Got into 2. Still waiting to hear back from about 7 more schools. My biggest advice? Take the MCAT early (end of May). Apply early. That's one of the biggest factors for getting into med schools. Dude, so true. Anecdotally, some of my friends who have great stats (high GPA and MCAT) but applied later got only a few interviews and didn't get in anywhere. My friends who applied early (that is, send in the primaries right when they come out at the beginning of the summer, and when you get the secondaries, do them asap while still having high-quality school-personalized essays) had much better luck even with lower stats. That said, yeah - they applied to ~30 schools (and didn't apply to the most competitive ones) and have each gotten into only one med school each so far (though with more interviews coming up). (They both had above average grades at a top liberal arts college and MCAT scores in the mid-30s). Also, make sure to apply to local/state schools!! It will often be easier to get in there with the same stats than comparable schools.
  6. Haha, WHAT :D *fluffles Wyrmy*
  7. As a former 13-year-old Runescape playing girl, this topic is really interesting to me (and sad). I'm 23 now, and looking back, I have a very different view now than I would have then. There was a guy when I first started playing (age 13) who was really into me and told me somewhat often that he was in love with me. He wasn't 54, but he was in his late 20s. He wanted to get married in Runescape, but we also talked plenty over MSN, and he suggested we meet up IRL at a couple of points (even though we lived far away). He told me that age didn't matter in love. I wasn't interested in him, but that appealed to my ego: even though I was 13, I was playing RS to escape a bit from the real world (where I wasn't very popular in school) and I considered myself above most of my peers at school. I was more mature, and why SHOULD age matter? As a 13-year-old, being told you're not old enough to consent - that you're not mature enough to make your own decisions for yourself - can feel very insulting. So this guy's attention flattered me immensely: someone in his late 20s, a real adult, had fallen in love with me. People may have been totally romantically disinterested in me in real life at school, but online - where people only saw the real me, saw my personality - it was different. In the end, I got into romantic relationships via RS with other people who were closer to my age (hi merc4hire, cellkiller, and dusqi :D) because I wasn't interested in this man, but if it had been someone I was more romantically attracted to, I don't know what would have happened. In retrospect, I see this relationship as far more creepy than I did at the time. At 13, random adults I met over RS shouldn't be teaching me about what different sexual terms mean over MSN and then offering to drive down to see me from Canada. (To be fair, it might have been a year or two later that he offered to drive down). So what about this situation? Though I feel some sympathy for those saying the girl is partially at fault, with the wisdom of 10 years aging, I don't think that's true. I may have thought I was mature at the time and capable of making my own decisions, but I wasn't. I was vulnerable, and I would have been easily manipulated by someone who should have known better. The 54-year-old is the one responsible, and he committed rape. Though I can imagine having seen the situation differently at one time, I think that's that. P.s. sure hope the guy i mentioned doesn't still read tip.it :oops:
  8. We need to chat more, last time we did - you were at the airport I believe :P Glad you're doing well though! PHD? thats quite a step from your early wild college days :P How about from my wild middle school days? Playing Runescape for hours and hours on end :D
  9. Two of my roommates just got into med school (YAY!). But before that, they went crazy studying for the MCATs (and both retook the test one time). So my advice: get several study review books (including Kaplan & Princeton Review), study the content hard, and take at least a couple of practice tests seriously (time yourself, no cheating, etc.). When you take the practice tests, pay attention to what you're getting wrong or having a tough with, and study those even harder. A lot of people retake (don't be scared of doing this if you don't get your target score the first time) but it's better to be really prepared going into it!
  10. I think Quorn is absolutely delicious. I don't think it tastes much like meat (though I don't really remember because I haven't eaten meat in over 10 years), but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it in its own right. However, for marketing purposes, it's often easier to market it as "fake <meat>" because it gives you some idea how best to prepare it and reminds you that what you're eating is similar to meat in certain nutritional respects (i.e. generally high-protein). However, if you take the premise that it's more ethical not to kill animals that have suffered in factory farms than to kill animals that have suffered in factory farms (and I do take that premise), of course it's more ethical than eating real meat. The argument is then fairly obvious. So what you really question is that premise: is it ethical to kill animals that have suffered in factory farms? An either/or answer is probably insufficient here. There are ranges of morality. It's probably more ethical to kill a 90-year-old man who had only a few months to live than to kill a 40-year-old individual raising two babies in the prime of her life, but both are "unethical". It's probably less ethical to fake-out your friend with a disgusting web image than to send them a legit Youtube video, but both are generally accepted and considered "ethical." Personally, I think killing animals is more "unethical" than "ethical" and should be avoided if possible. I think killing a pig (very smart, as far as animals humans eat go) is far less ethical than killing a shrimp (arguably not conscious at all). I'd kill an animal for survival, or to save someone else's life, etc. However, since I'm relatively privileged and can access high-quality healthy vegetarian food, it is the right decision.
  11. Maybe I'm misremembering, but before runite came out, didn't Bluerose have a monopoly on adamantite and high-level mithril armor smithing, too? This might have been before they changed the smithing levels so that they would be more reasonable - there was a time (I think) where you had to have insanely high smithing levels to make even basic things, so smithing was extremely tedious because you couldn't make anything remotely useful as you leveled up. I'm a Uni Graduate now, when we met, I think I was a sophomore in highschool?. But yeah, i'm probably one of the last people any of us oldies expected to be an admin now :P You really should stick around mate, the community could use intelligent folk like you and mad ;) Hey love :D I'm doing great. Graduated college, have an awesome job in NYC, living in an apartment with my boyfriend + some college friends, and I'm applying to Ph.D. programs next year. Less time for gaming, unfortunately, but so it goes :P Now you being an admin... man... true, I never would have guessed ;P Guess we've all grown up since the good old days. Weird. Also: hugs to everyone else here... nadril, 1manarmy, indy500fan, misplaced :D
  12. Aww Gugge, I think she was the nicest person to ever exist on Runescape.
  13. Holy wow, bluerose, now THAT is going back. I totally forgot about her! She had a good monopoly going for a while there. I thought she was soo cool and wanted to be her. :oops: How about the cool kids of the wilderness when it first came out? All the highest level fighters - ladykilljoy, gregechidna... good times. I used to follow them around and get them to protect my low-level self. :-D Good to see you, lead! hope your life is going well. how old are you now? I think I remember you being older than I was... what are you up to in life these days?
  14. Heya dude! Long time no talk, heh. I don't really read tip.it anymore but just stopped in now out of curiosity to see who was around. Weird to think it'll soon be the 10-year anniversary of when I started playing the game... oh, Runescape! This whole thread was so fun to read. I love all you guys. Also: Everybody hug and spread the love!!! :D :D :D
  15. I had a flat in Glasgow for 2 years. I love the city; I just prefer Edinburgh.

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