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  1. You sexy son of a beast.

  2. God I'm totally digging this new fury I've hacked from a noob Guess that'll teach him to get an Xbox :unsure:
  3. I cannot repeat this enough. Colo + Xano + Jebus zomg? Ps3 is as good as your acc is (hint: your account sucks ;D)
  4. Interesting blog and I wish you both the very best. Doesn't matter who wins, you both own a beast skiller!
  5. So draggle decided to pass by and say hai to me at glacors Draggle hasn't killed glacors in ages though so eventually.. l0l0l0l0l
  6. I never snipe but this was so unexpected I decided to go for it. :3 EDIT: Since nobody is posting and I have another victim I'll edit this post. Also true story @ chat.
  7. Tif name: Xanotex Runescape Name: Xano Picture: Url: http://spimg.com/images/xano.png Thanks Returnofmic for being as awesome as he always is and fixing my picture, I will love you until the end of time. (He's the cutie in black armour 2 posts down) Thanks for bringing this back Hedge, great memories ;)
  8. In the chat you can see Black Eagle4 accepted my bet of 10m saying visages were perm in Barrows. They weren't perm which led to this: Respect for being so honest and paying :D
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