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  1. God I'm totally digging this new fury I've hacked from a noob Guess that'll teach him to get an Xbox :unsure:
  2. I cannot repeat this enough. Colo + Xano + Jebus zomg? Ps3 is as good as your acc is (hint: your account sucks ;D)
  3. Interesting blog and I wish you both the very best. Doesn't matter who wins, you both own a beast skiller!
  4. So draggle decided to pass by and say hai to me at glacors Draggle hasn't killed glacors in ages though so eventually.. l0l0l0l0l
  5. I never snipe but this was so unexpected I decided to go for it. :3 EDIT: Since nobody is posting and I have another victim I'll edit this post. Also true story @ chat.
  6. Tif name: Xanotex Runescape Name: Xano Picture: Url: http://spimg.com/images/xano.png Thanks Returnofmic for being as awesome as he always is and fixing my picture, I will love you until the end of time. (He's the cutie in black armour 2 posts down) Thanks for bringing this back Hedge, great memories ;)
  7. In the chat you can see Black Eagle4 accepted my bet of 10m saying visages were perm in Barrows. They weren't perm which led to this: Respect for being so honest and paying :D
  8. WHAT?! Ffff Jagex why ruin it ;_; Quest looks nice, I guess. Also, are visages gone from barrows? Couldn't find anything about it.
  9. Made one but training goes slowly, playing on Xano more atm and got exams. Add "Sit Down Irl" (dat creativity) or add "Xano", two ways to contact me.
  10. bro we're going nex, you kill the bleep and i'll run in right in time to recieve torva plate split? kthnxily
  11. Sorry to hijack your thread but has another BXP been confirmed? If you want a steady moneymaker try doing green drags with herb runs every 1.5h, earns you atleast 2-3m/day normally
  12. Gratz fiya, beast! Unspam: getting 80 hunt now, finally all 80+, a very old goal of mine :D
  13. Hmm I might consider making a f2p pure. I'll think about it :D
  14. First got 80 Fletching, which puts me one step closer to all 80+ And then decided to do this clue I found in my bank
  15. Well it's my opinion, you don't have to do it ofcourse. Maybe add some pictures of every event so players will immediatly recognize it from seeing a picture before. Sorry for the late answer and a happy new year :)
  16. whut @ the def you followed my advice and got it with 80 mining :D you sexy beast 10/10
  17. 100 dg all 80 max combat 100m+ bank
  18. Very nice guide, I wouldn't mind seeing some more pictures but that's my opinion. I got the full lumberjack set already so this guide isn't helpful for me but I'm sure it will help many other players :D
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